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  • Outsourcing Troubled Kids
  • Good morning sweet readers! If LL were a betting man, he’d be broke. Who’d have thought the Peehawks would play so well? News time:

    Show Us The Money, Thomasowski: Today is the deadline for Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. to reply to a judge’s order seeking financial information from his youth sports non-profit, Team Thomas. The Post’s editorial page, the only entity over at the paper of record which seems to give a toot about Team Thomas and its shady finances, reports that Thomas might not be complying with the court order. The Post also reports that Thomas’ lawyer, Fred Cooke Jr. “suggested that perhaps incoming attorney general Irving B. Nathan wouldn’t have the same appetite for the investigation as did his predecessor, Peter J. Nickles.” LL finds it amazing that Cooke would suggest such a thing to the Post. It’s one thing to think Nathan might just let this whole Team Thomas thing disappear; it’s quite another to say that to Jo-Ann Armao. Way to put Nathan on the spot, Fred. It’ll be interesting to see how the new A.G. responds to this baptism by fire. But let’s not get too distracted. This isn’t about Nathan, Nickles, Cooke or Armao. This is about Thomas, and whether  he feels the need to disclose how he raised more than $200,000 while in office and how he spent the money. Apparently, he feels that he does not. The Post has plenty of examples, including another one in their recent editorial, of corporations doing business with the city giving money to Team Thomas. And remember that Thomas has never indicated any conflicts of interests on city forms. Does that sound like good government to you?

    AFTER THE JUMP: Group Home Connect; Sekou Sworn In; Schwartz to Run?…

    Group Home Connect: The Times’ Jeffery Anderson reports that a politically connected group home for troubled youth is missing some records and may have gotten special treatment. “D.C. officials say no records exist documenting inspections, escapes or unusual incidents” at the Dupree House in Petworth. The nonprofit that runs the house is run by Thomas W. Gore, “longtime friend, campaign treasurer and constituent services fund treasurer for Mayor Vincent C. Gray.” Anderson quotes Peacoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham suggesting that Gray’s camp intervened with Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services officials to “leave Dupree Homes alone.” Gray and Gore didn’t comment to Anderson.

    Biddle Begins: The council’s newest member, Sekou Biddle, was sworn in on Friday. The Post’s Tim Craig took the D.C. Democratic State Committee to task for not providing the names of which member voted for whom. Money quote from DCDSC member Ronnie Edwards, who oversaw the voting: “It was so confusing in there, they were not able to keep completely accurate records.” The Post editorial page piles on.

    Appointment Frenzy: In case you missed it, Gray announced his health and communications picks Friday, including Mohammad Akhter to lead the Department of Health. Examiner‘s Jonetta Rose Barras says it’s not about health care access accross the river, it’s about behavior. Ward 8 activist Philip Pannell also wants the world to know that Gray appointed Arrington Dixon to the National Capital Planning Commission last week.

    Cash Rules Everything Around Her: Missouri Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, a Bethesda native, will chair the House subcommittee that controls the District’s purse strings. “The position will give her a key role in determining whether House Republicans use the appropriations process to attach controversial “riders” to the District budget on issues such as gay marriage, medical marijuana and needle exchange programs.” No word yet on who the other House Republican overlord will be.

    Former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is set to roll out the agenda today for her advocacy group.

    D.C. cop accused of trying to act a little too tough at a bar in Connecticut.

    D.C. Watch’s Gary Imhoff thinks Carol Schwartz might run for the at-large seat.

    Do you think the Redskins are coming back to D.C.? Mayor for life Marion Barry thinks you’re delusional.

    Bob Kabel re-elected as D.C. GOP chairman.

    CM David Catania is on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.

    Moment of silence at 11 a.m. for Rep. Giffords.  Candlelight vigil for school board member William Lockridge at 7 p.m. in front of GWU Hospital.