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  • Ron Moten Not Running For Council
  • South Carolina Republican to be District’s Overlord
  • Good morning sweet readers! Remember, panicking is the best way to cope with the ice. News time:

    Howdy, Gowdy: The breaking news this morning is that a new overlord has been picked to make sure the District’s self-governance doesn’t get out of hand. The new boss is South Carolina Republican Trey GowdyLDP sums him up thusly: “Gowdy, a former prosecutor who was then elected county solicitor in Greenville, seems like standard-issue tea party fare. His first criterion for judging a new law is whether it comports with the Constitution. He’s in favor of a balanced budget amendment and repealing health care reform. His two dogs are named “Judge” and “Jury.” He also graduated from Baylor University ten years before it legalized dancing.” The other news is that Rep. Darrell Issa has reconfigured the House’s subcommittees so that District affairs has been lumped in with oversight of health care, the census and the National Archives. LL’s willing to bet a pretty penny that most of Gowdy’s time will be spent making sure the National Archives are being well taken care of will be focused on health care issues, which might leave him little time to meddle in the District. We shall see.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Vince and Kaya’s First Fight?; Don’t Go to Jail if the Police Are Looking For You; Barry’s Back …

    What IMPACT Will This Have On Their Relationship?: The Post‘s Bill Turque reports that Mayor Vince Gray and interim Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson aren’t on the same page when it comes to former School Chancellor Michelle Rhee‘s signature achievement: the IMPACT teacher evaluation tool. “I’m not convinced that we have figured out yet how, with an evaluation system that covers all teachers across the city, that you account for the social challenges that inevitably are to be addressed by a teacher at Stanton Elementary School in ways that are different from those at Horace Mann,” says Gray. Makes sense, right? The Turquester reported last year that 22 percent of teachers who were rated as “highly effective” under IMPACT come from Ward 3, while only 5 percent come from Ward 8. But wait, the whole point of the Rheevolution is Henderson’s now in charge of is that “that really good teachers can reach kids no matter what their social or economic backgrounds.” Henderson told Turque that IMPACT “is measuring pedagogical expertise, something all of our teachers should have, regardless of the student population with which they work. … The students may be at different levels in different wards (an oversimplification, of course), but they should all be engaged in rigorous work. The techniques great teachers use to differentiate appropriately are the same.” Make sense?

    Don’t Go To Jail If The Police Are Looking For You: The Department of Corrections will soon start taking digital fingerprint scans visitors to D.C. jails, and will detain anyone they catch with an outstanding warrant, the Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott reports. LL gets the reasoning behind the move, but it still seems like a huge civil rights violation.

    Barry’s Back: Mayor-for-life Marion Barry chats with Deborah Simmons of the Times about his new role as chairman of the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs, which is set to begin today. High on Barry’s list of priorities, Simmons says, is helping ex-cons and seniors. Barry also cops to wanting the economic development committee but says he’s okay with new Chairman Kwame Brown‘s assignments.

    Local Boy Makes Good: DCGOP member Tony Parker was elected as the Republican National Committee’s treasurer.

    Missed this in the Post from Friday: The Office of Campaign Finance has fined the write-in Fenty campaign $18,500 for re-using the Fenty campaign’s signs.

    Catholic University to inaugurate new prez.

    The Obama family volunteered yesterday at Stuart Hobson Middle School.

    Terry Lynch and Ron Moten are on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.

    The Kwame era kicks off today, but at noon instead of 10 a.m. because of the ice.

    Gray has a packed day: Noon-lunch with Federal City Council; 3 p.m.-Meeting with H Street business owners; 4 p.m. Meeting with Mayor of Bucharest; 6 p.m.-Fundraiser; 8 p.m.-ANC 7A meeting, Bennett Stoddert Rec Center.