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Tim Craig over at the Post breaks the news that new Mayor Vince Gray is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for new at-large Councilmember (and subject of LL’s column this week) Sekou Biddle.

A Gray endorsement would be huge for Biddle, who is looking to cement himself as the frontrunner in what could be a very crowded field. As a new mayor who is happily ensconced in his honeymoon cocoon, Gray’s got the most juice of any elected official right now and a friendly word from him would make Biddle’s life a lot easier. And Gray probably has little interest in seeing Republican Pat Mara take a seat with the help of a heavily-fractured Democratic vote in the April special election.

So far Gray’s been mum on who he’s going to support, but his campaign and transition chairwoman Lorraine Green is already supporting Biddle, and several councilmembers who are on Team Gray (Chair Kwame Brown, Mary Cheh, Harry Thomas Jr. and Marion Barry) are Biddle-supporters.

But what really interests LL is the fact that one of the District’s best-paid lobbyist, David Wilmot, is one of the hosts of tonight’s fundraiser. Wilmot, whose problems at his second gig as a beloved group home leader have been well-documented in this blog, is no fool and it’s no surprise that he’s backing a candidate that has the support of many elected officials.

But while Biddle might welcome the kind of money one of the city’s biggest lobbyists can rustle up, his association with Wilmot also strengthens the narrative that Biddle is the insiders’ candidate. The other candidates in the at-large race are currently busy trying to establish their own identities, but expect them to start trying to tie Biddle to the shortcomings of his politically connected supporters as the race heats up.