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  • Rallying Around Biddle
  • Marion Barry and David Catania: Frenemies Without the “Friends” Part
  • House GOP Want Your Money
  • Good morning sweet readers! Your afro-pop song of the day for this Friday is the classic “Mandjou” by the legendary Salif Keita, which is a tribute to Guinea’s first prez, Sekou Toure. News time:

    Speaking of Sekou: Big news in the at-large race last night, as Mayor Vince Gray gave his endorsement to new Councilmember Sekou Biddle. Apparently, according to Post reporter Tim Craig‘s Twitter account, Gray stumped for Biddle prior to the D.C. Democratic State Committee’s appointment. Gray told Mike DeBonis that Democrats were “asleep at the switch” in 1997 when David Catania defeated Arrington Dixon, and pledged not to let that happen again. Also worth noting: one of the hosts of last night’s fundraiser beloved group home leader David Wilmot, and you can’t get more political insider than that. Update, Craig has more on D.C. Wire., including some trash talk from Vincent Orange, who attended a Georgetown ANC meeting last night and voiced strong opinions on town-gown debate. Also, lottery contract winner Emmanuel Bailey, whose name LL cannot read without having this song play in his head, was at the Biddle fundraiser.

    AFTER THE JUMP: WaPo weighs in on IMPACT, House GOP Will Cut You; Rhee Moves West…

    IMPACT Up Your Complaints: The Post‘s editorial board weighs in a recent minor flare up over the teacher evaluation system then-Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee instituted, called IMPACT. Not surprisingly, WaPo calls IMPACT “revolutionary” and warns Mayor Vince Gray against making any major chances to IMPACT. Gray recently said IMPACT “has a long way to go” before being fair to teachers who work in poorer, disadvantaged schools. No, no, no, say Rhee and IMPACT supporters, the whole point of the IMPACT is that accounts for those things.  It’s interesting to read in the Post that Gray now says his view is “that some fine print might need to be reviewed to ensure that all teachers are evaluated fairly.” Hmmm, that’s a lot different than “a long way to go.” Meanwhile, Harry Jaffe forgets that Rhee deputy Anthony Tata just left for North Carolina and challenges Gray to make interim Chancellor Kaya Henderson the permanent boss.

    Appointment Update: Victor Hoskins, former Maryland secretary of housing and community development, will be Gray’s deputy for economic development, the Post and WBJ report, and Jeffery Richardson, former head of Gertrude Stein, will head the Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs, Metro Weekly reports.

    More Rhee News: She’s moving the headquarters of her advocacy group to Sacramento, where her husband is mayor.

    Give Him Space: CM Marion Barry scolded CM David Catania over giving Gray room to stretch and grow. Also, a gavel has no effect on Barry.

    No News Is Good News: Conservative House Republicans put forth a budget cutting plan that would be “catastrophic” to the District government ($210 million a year), really mess up Metro ($150 million a year), and the hometown paper of record only writes about what impact the cuts would have on federal workers.

    Vince Gray reminds artists that they should expect to be poor.

    Metro Police union wants Metro Police boss canned.

    Michelle Obama teams up with  Walmart, while on the same day, about 25 people protested in front of the home of a pro-Walmart developer.

    Harry Thomas Jr. says there should be “increased penalties for violence around Metro zones.”

    Run for you lives, the bed bugs are coming.

    Supreme Court Justice and Peter Nickles‘ old neighbor Elena Kagan was not selected for jury duty.

    Oh solar power, why are you so elusive? Speaking of, this is the most interesting thing you’ll read all day.

    Mayor sked: It’s back on, Gray is meeting with Bucharest Mayor at 10:45. Presser to announce new DMPED at 11 a.m.