Thanks to one of LL’s awesome tipster, we now have the letter (and the correction) mentioned in yesterday’s blog post about an IG report scolding Ximena Hartsock, former acting director of the Parks and Recreation Department. The friend and DCPS employee that the IG said improperly provided Hartsock with a basement apartment, while landing a $27-an-hour summer parks job, is Mary-Beth Souza.

Here’s the letter to the editors of the Washington Post the IG referenced his report, in which Souza mentions Hartsock is a longtime friend and supervisor—and is living in her basement. Actually, you’ll notice those facts aren’t actually in the original letter. Instead, you’ll find them in this correction from the Post:

The Oct. 19 letter by Mary-Beth Souza of Washington on D.C. parks and recreation nominee Ximena Hartsock should have mentioned that Ms. Hartsock is a longtime friend, professional colleague and supervisor of Ms. Souza, and that Ms. Hartsock is living temporarily at Ms. Souza’s residence, according to Ms. Souza. A mention of the relationship was incorrectly deleted in our abridging of the letter.

Hmmm, that sounds weird, doesn’t it? LL is investigating and has queries out to Souza, a helpful Post editor, DCPS and Hartsock.