LL was all set to grill Mayor Vince Gray on a variety of topics today at his first regular news conference. Instead, LL spent a good 45 minutes at the Dupont Circle Metro stop, first stuck on a broken train, then waiting on the platform, then put another another train, then offloaded, then ordered to switch to other platform—at which point LL gave up and headed back to the office.

Anyway, since LL couldn’t make the real thing, he’ll provide you a best-guess summary of Gray’s presser based on past experience and small glimpses of the real thing on Twitter:

Gray’s news conference started 20 minutes late, as is becoming his custom… Gray reads prepared statement in dull monotone… Jokes are exchanged between Gray and NBC’s Tom Sherwood, Sherwood proves funnier than the mayor… WTOP’s Mark Plotkin asks why Gray hasn’t chained himself to White House gate to protest the fact that presidential limo doesn’t have “Taxation Without Representation” D.C. license plate… Gray sighs… D.C. Watch’s Dorothy Brizill asks questions about government minutia in a tone of voice that implies Gray is a shady criminal… Gray sighs, responds to Brizill’s questions with index finger raised… Press lobs softball on Pepco’s horrible performance… Gray whiffs… Press asks why one snowstorm brought region to its knees… Gray says it’s Maryland’s fault… Mike DeBonis tweets… Gray’s asked for the millionth time when he’s going to make interim Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson the permanent schools chancellor… Gray says, “Don’t rush me! I’m working on it”… Presser ends… Print reporters go up to podium to try and get exclusive answers… Sherwood complains… More jokes between Gray and Sherwood, again the newsman proves funnier… The end.

So for anyone who was there, did LL get it right?