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If you missed it, LL’s column this week is on businessman George Chopivsky’s efforts to convince city leaders to sell him Ward 8’s United Medical Center over the strenuous objections of Councilmember David Catania.

As usual, not everything fit so here are a couple of tidbits that didn’t make the cut:

First, Catania got an MRI on his shoulder done at the hospital, making him probably the only person in the world who has been an invited guest to George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford and sought medical help at the long-troubled UMC. That’s just a small piece of evidence as to how deeply invested Catania is in seeing UMC succeed.

“This is personal to me, it is a crusade,” he told LL, dismissing critisim that’s floating around that he’s too emotionally invested. “So what, we keep our promises. Why is that a bad thing?”

Also worth noting, Chopivsky initially thought he had an ally in Catania when he first started looking at buying UMC last year. (Chopivsky gave $1,000 to Catania’s re-election campaign last March.)

Chopivsky says he can’t figure out how Catania has basically become his mortal enemy. “Bam [he] just turned on me,” Chopivsky says, adding that he thinks Catania has “one of the greatest brains I’ve ever encountered.”

Brains! So if we ever turn into zombies, Catania’s probably going to get eaten first.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery