LL was poking around campaign finance records and noticed this tiny gem of limited interest: Ted Loza isn’t going to let a federal trial on corruption charges get in his way of civic engagement.

Loza donated $25 to Mayor Vince Gray‘s campaign two days before the Democratic primary. Loza also donated $50 to Chairman Kwame Brown’s campaign, with one $25 payment right before the primary, and one after.

Loza, you may recall, was arrested in September 2009 on charges of corruption that included allegedly taking $1,500 in bribes. The prosecutor’s indictment has Loza saying “You know I need it. That’s why I take it, you know,” when accepting an envelope full of cash from a taxicab lobbyist.

Court records show that Loza’s appointed legal team will be paid by the Office of the Federal Public Defender.

Couple of issues here to ponder: Should someone getting taxpayer-funded legal help really be spending money on political campaigns? And should elected leaders accept money from a guy charged with taking bribes in order to influence city legislation?

And for the record, Loza did not donate to his former boss, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.