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  • Jails Boss Steps Down, IT Guy Replaces Him
  • Team Thomas to Wrap Up Soon
  • Good morning sweet readers! LL’s boss is crazy for web hits and wants LL to try an work mentions of Justin Bieber into LL’s reporting. Here goes: Mayor Vince Gray‘s public calender does not include any appearances with Justin Bieber today, but there’s still a chance the two might meet in the future. News time:

    Kwame Brown, Hero: The dais showdown between between Gray’s surrogates and Councilmember David Catania over the makeup of United Medical Center’s board never happened yesterday, and Council Chairman Kwame Brown gets a star turn in the Post today for his role in negotiating a compromise. “The compromise also reinforced Gray’s reputation as a leader willing to bend and Brown’s newfound position as mediator,” says reporter Nikita Stewart. “‘Kwame played that role very nicely,’ Catania said. ‘I had a point of view that I felt strongly about. The mayor had a point of view that he felt strongly about. Reasonable people can reason together.’ Brown said concessions were struck after a series of conversations among the three Monday and Tuesday. ‘In the past, we may have been going on and on with this situation,’ Brown said, referring to when Fenty was mayor and Gray was council chairman. ‘A lot of times, it’s just about communicating.’ During Fenty’s tenure, there were standoffs between the legislative and executive branches over everything from baseball tickets to the budget. ‘The residents are tired of bickering and fighting,’ Brown said. ‘They want solutions.'” The question is how long this solution will last. There’s still plenty of unsettled issues with UMC, minor things like who will buy it from the city and when. WBJ’s Ben Fisher notes Gray’s softening tone on UMC and reports on the mayor’s plan to bring in an unnamed consultant to help figure how to “actively market” the hospital.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Gray Says Kaya Wants to Stay; Prison Boss Canned; Sekou Biddle: Tax raiser…

    School News: At Gray’s presser yesterday, the mayor told the Post’s Bill Turque that interim Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson has given “every indication that she wants” to be considered for the permanent gig. This comes after Henderson has “expressed ambivalence” about taking the gig, in Turque’s words. “Gray made the comment shortly after announcing that CityBridge Foundation president Katherine Bradley and UNCF president and CEO Michael Lomax, who co-chaired the mayor’s education transition team, will also lead the search panel for a permanent chancellor. The 2007 law giving the mayor control of the public school system requires a formal search, although there is every indication that Gray remains sold on Henderson. He sounded Tuesday like he wasn’t interested in a lengthy search.” LL is willing to bet $5 that Henderson is the chancellor next year. Any takers? Also, Jonetta Rose Barras reports that Hardy Middle School parents are not happy with Henderson’s choice for new principal. The story has this hilarious quote from one parent: “I was so angry. [Henderson] placated us.” Obviously not. And the Examiner reports that Gray’s transition team recommends some changes for the teacher evaluation tool known as IMPACT.

    The Michelle Rhee of Prisons: New father and kind soul of Twitter Jason Cherkis gives us the pluses and minues of Devon Brown, the Department of Corrections boss who Gray just “quietly showed the door.” “Brown had served as director for close to five years and in many ways had proven just as tough and reform-minded as [Michelle] Rhee. Although there are zero documentaries, Time magazine cover stories, and WaPo mash notes posing as editorials to attest to Brown’s savior status, he certainly resurrected a troubled agency once mired in lawsuits, badly trained corrections officers, erroneously releases, and embarrassing performances before the D.C. Council’s judiciary committee.”

    In Other News: Are you rich? At-large candidates Sekou Biddle and Josh Lopez will raise your taxes. Pat Mara won’t. D.C. shelter tells homeless mom to either get out of town or surrender her kids. DCFPI finds District taxes ain’t so bad, comparatively. Catania pushes for access to birth control without a prescription. Meet your new chief of police. Do not let Courtland Milloy borrow your gun. Shotgun stalker wants 12 hour release to spend time with his dad. Gray’s transition team report writers did not like former DDOT head Gabe Klein. Feds target D.C. Medicaid provider. Attorney General Irv Nathan decides to speak about MPD’s breathalyzer problems, says fix could be four long months away.

    Gray sked: Testified at Senate hearing on vouchers at 9:15 a.m. along with Kwame Brown.Going to Jeff Coudriet‘s memorial service at 11 a.m.

    Council sked: CM Jim Graham has his first hearing on the troubled juvenile justice agency at 1 p.m.