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Today we learn who was serious about making an at-large bid for the April special election and who was not. There’s something kinda refreshing about a democratic process that requires candidates to harass large numbers of voters into signing a petition — or at least pay someone to do it for them.

Anyway, here’s the list of the hopefuls who submitted the 3,000 plus signatures for the at-large race:

Sekou Biddle (D)

Tom Brown (D)

Dorothy Douglas (D)

Calvin Gurley (D)

Arkan Haile (Ind)

Joshua Lopez (D)

Patrick Mara (GOP)

Vincent Orange (D)

Alan Page (STG)

Jacque Patterson (D)

Bryan Weaver (D)

Actually, it looks like the signature-gathering process hardly winnowed the herd at all. Sure, 21 people picked up petitions to run, but LL thought a lot fewer people would actually bother to get those petitions signed. Well done, aspiring lawmakers.

But remember: submitting signatures doesn’t make you official. The Board of Elections and Ethics is set to release its “preliminary determinations of eligibility” this Saturday.

Also, City Paper will base its endorsement on whichever candidate gets the most positive feedback in the comments section of this post.*

* Not actually true.