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Former Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham’s top aide, Ted Loza, has pled guilty to corruption charges. The plea was not part of any type of deal with the feds, according to his lawyer.

“Ted always acted in the best interest of the citizens of the District of Columbia” says Loza’s lawyer, according to colleague Rend Smith.

Smith will have a write up soon with all the details. (LL promises!)

One thing LL just found poking around in court files is that it appears the government planned on presenting Graham’s phone and hotel records as evidence had the case gone to trial. Take a look at this list and note the “JG” records. The “Greenberg” on the list, by the way, is FBI Special Agent Jay Greenberg, who is mentioned elsewhere in court records as being “intimately involved in the investigation of this case for about three years.”

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