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WTOP’s Mark Segraves was doing a fine job of grilling Mayor Vince Gray today over Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown‘s SUVswhen Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley got in the way.

Gray wasn’t going anywhere near Segraves’ questions about Brown’s expensive and finicky taste in luxury SUV interiors.

When asked about his personal thoughts on Brown’s SUVs, Gray responded that his personal thoughts on Brown was that he was “an excellent leader” who has made “prudent financial decisions” as an elected leader.

“I’m sure, whatever’s involved with this, he’ll work his way through it,” says Gray.

Friends stick with friends, right?

But just as Segraves was gearing up, O’Malley (who was in the studio with Gray and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell) jumped in and rescued Gray by offering up this pablum:

“Well what we care a lot more about, as neighbors of the District of Columbia, is the tremendous work that’s been done to save lives and the information sharing on public safety,” O’Malley said, before thanking Gray for his efforts to improve public safety.

Politicians stick with politicians, right?

Have a listen over here.