If you want to work in the Gray administration, you should ask your parents to get a job in the Gray administration.

Hot on the heels of WAMU’s report that the children of Mayor Vince Gray’s campaign chairwoman and chief of staff have landed jobs with the cash-strapped District government, comes word that the son of Gray’s communication’s director, Linda Wharton Boyd, is also now working for the city.

NBC4’s Tom Sherwood first broke the news, which LL was just able to confirm. Boyd’s son, Milton Harrison Boyd, works at the mayor’s office of volunteerism, Serve DC. LL is still trying to track down his official job title and salary.

When asked by Sherwood about all the children hiring, Gray said “I don’t think this is nepotism at all.” He added that the youthful new hires were plenty skilled and qualified for their new gigs. “I don’t think people should be punished when they are capable.”

A valid point, but it still looks bad.