There’s been some talk of Mayor Vince Grayducking the media” today, specifically over the exact job status of former Gray rival Sulaimon Brown. Brown, as LL reported this morning, was escorted out of his office in the District Department of Health Care Finance, where he was recently appointed to a $110,000-a-year job.

When LL wandered up to the sixth floor of the Wilson Building today, trying to find Gray, he didn’t have much luck. But then as LL turned to head back downstairs, the elevator doors opened. And there was the mayor, willing—if not particularly happy about it—to answer questions.

“Whatever happened has happened within the Department of Health Care Finance,” Gray told LL. “I really don’t know the details.” Gray’s advice to a reporter looking for information on Brown? Talk to DHCF director Wayne Turnage. (Who, as it happens, LL had already interviewed.)

LL asked the mayor if he feels as though his administration has looked “blindsided” by the Brown news this morning. Not at all, Gray said: “Well, listen, there’s over 33,000 people who work in the government.” Did Gray feel bad that Brown has been escorted out of the building and placed on administrative leave, just a day after the mayor defended him?

“I think what I said yesterday is that it’ll work out or it won’t,” Gray said. Turnage can handle the situation, Gray explained, because his department heads are “empowered” to make decisions.

And as for the media—Gray said he’s not ducking the press intentionally, and in fact, he’ll having a 3:15 p.m. press briefing!