In case you’re wondering, Sulaimon Brown didn’t put up a fight. As LL was the first to report, Brown was told to leave his office in the District Department of Health Care Finance yesterday morning after being let go.

The exit wasn’t seamless. Some of the city’s D.C. Protective Services Department officers, who patrol District government buildings and property, were called in to deal with a  “disorderly conduct,” according to PSD Assistant Chief Stephen Watkins.

Watkins says there’s no incident report on the call, however, because when PSD got to where Brown was, he’d already agreed to leave. “Everyone just walked out together,” says Watkins.

If things had gotten out of hand, the small department—which is not a division of the Metropolitan Police Department—has arrest powers in municipal buildings. If it’d been necessary to slap the cuffs on, Brown would’ve been taken to an MPD holding facility and booked. It’s a good thing that didn’t happen—Brown seems to have enough on his plate right now.

Photo by cliff1066 Creative Commons Attribution License Generic 2.0