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Last week, we all know, was not good to Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown. But the week before last wasn’t half bad.

That’s because on February 18, Brown finalized a settlement with the collection agency that’s been hounding him for unpaid credit card debt.

Brown’s settlement allows him to pay only $9,500 on what was originally $21,743.87 worth of debt. The settlement also allows Brown to escape interest payments, late fees, or attorney costs.

According to the terms of the settlement, Brown had to make a $500 payment at the end of last month and a $500 payment today. Brown then owes $2,033 at the end of March, and then has two more payments of $3,033 on April 31 (which doesn’t exist) and May 31.

If Brown doesn’t make a payment, he’ll have to pay the full amount plus interest.

Brown also settled with the same collection agency over another credit card debt in December. In that settlement, Brown agreed to pay $4,050 to cover an original debt of $5,661.43.

It now looks like Brown has resolved all the court cases brought against him for debt-related issues—as long as he makes his payments on time.

Photo By Darrow Montgomery