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  • Marion Barry’s P.R. Advice
  • OIG to Sulaimon Brown Investigation: No Thanks
  • What’s Wrong With Vince?
  • Tell The Truth, Fully Loaded
  • Mayor Sulaimon Brown
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: The newly redesigned Washington City Paper, which is now waterproof, has hit the streets. If you missed last week’s redesign, you’re in luck. It appears LL’s bosses intend on keeping the new look… forever. LL’s column this week tries to answer why Vince Gray went from looking “like a pro while easily dispatching a much-better funded incumbent in September” to looking “like a lost little lamb by March.” Part of Gray’s problems? Who he’s listening to. For a possible example, LL looks at a battle to make multistate corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Housing Complex’s LDP looks at local hiring over at St. Es and the hype that’s surrounded it.

    Sulaimon Brown Will Not Go Away: Late yesterday evening the flack for the U.S. Attorney’s office sent word that the feds are “assessing” (not investigating, mind you) Sulaimon Brown‘s claims. Yep, Sulaimon and the FBI, together at last. In other legal news, the Post reports that Gray has hired Robert S. Bennett, the superlawyer who represented Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky scandal and probed Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry‘s contracting. And the District’s Inspector General’s Office won’t be investigating Sulaimon because he interviewed for a job there in January—a job that had already been filled by the time of the interview. Also, the Post keeps digging on Howard Brooks, the mystery campaign aide who Brown says gave him cash. Brooks lost a billing dispute in Georgia a few years back, in which he was accused of overbilling on a lottery contract. He was also part of a losing team to win the District’s lottery contract. And Brooks’ son, who landed a city job in the new Gray administration, has just resigned.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Post weighs in (again)… Shocking (not really) school news… Metro troubles…

    Fire Them!: Post Columnist Robert McCartney tells Gray he needs to part ways with confident Lorraine Green and her protege, chief of staff Gerri Mason Hall. “She’s shown lousy political judgment. She allowed her boss to be embarrassed by the revelation that her child along with offspring of three other city officials or advisers had gotten jobs in the administration.” McCartney also reports that Gray isn’t adding any new political hires to his administration without his direct approval. (Sorry, Cherkis.)

    IMPACT Retract: Gray officially announced that Kaya Henderson will be his appointment for schools chancellor. You knew that, right!? The Post‘s Bill Turque reports that the mayor “has tempered his recent criticism of the IMPACT teacher evaluation system, which he said in January was unfair to educators in high-poverty schools because it judged them by the same standards used to assess educators working with less-disadvantaged students.” The Times reminds us that the WTU, which also doesn’t like IMPACT, isn’t happy with the Henderson pick.

    In Other News: How other university presidents fly, if they’re not in charge at UDC. Graduate school to anchor the “Wharf.” Metro’s got problems that won’t be fixed quickly. Gray wouldn’t answer LL’s basic question of how many kids of his supporters were given city jobs.