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  • Crisis P.R. Expert Closer Than Pols May Realize
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! Yesterday, voters in Florida decided to recall a mayor who boosted his aides’ salaries and drove around in a taxpayer-subsidized BMW. Just thought you might be interested in that. News time:

    Gray’s COS OUT?: Another day, another TV story citing anonymous sources saying Gray’s chief of staff, Gerri Hall, is pretty much a goner. This time around, it’s WUSA9’s Bruce Johnson, who says that Hall “has all but decided” to turn in her resignation, and Gray will accept it if she does.  Johnson also reports that Gray is trimming the pay of some of his cabinet members so they meet a D.C. Council-imposed salary cap. The Examiner reports the same thing. (‘Zaminer contradicts Johnson’s story that Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson is taking a $95,000 pay cut, but Gray says that’s not true.) Those getting cuts: Dr. Mohammed Akhter, Judy Banks, Warren Graves, Gerri Hall, Hosanna Mahaley, Irvin Nathan, Wayne Turnage, Victor Hoskins and De’Shawn Wright. Of those, six were only above the salary cap by just over $900. So, who looks bad in all this? LL would say that’s Banks, the interim H.R. director who told the Post a few weeks ago that she essentially broke the salary cap because “I like to deal in round numbers.”

    AFTER THE JUMP: Mara In, Patterson Out; DPW Owes on Tickets; Trout Meat…

    Onward and Upwards: The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics, which seems to enjoy making reporters wait for election outcomes and ballot rulings, decided yesterday that Ward 8 Democrat Jacque Patterson will not be on the ballot (Patterson says he won’t appeal) and that Republican Pat Mara will be on the ballot, despite submitting 160 petition signatures that “appear to be forgeries.” Meanwhile, former Republican Councilmember Carol Schwartz declines Gray’s offer to be the GOP member of the BOEE.

    Above The Traffic Law: WAMU’s Patrick Madden reports that the Department of Public Works fleet has $30,000 worth of outstanding parking fines and fees, according to the DMV’s database. About $10,000 is owed on vehicles belonging to the parking control unit. “DPW spokeswoman Nancee Lyons says there is no way the department could owe that much money, and she estimates the total parking fines for the DPW’s vast fleet of vehicles to be closer to $6,000.” Well, then! LL is sure taxpayers are glad the city only owes itself $6,000.

    Vindicate This: The Post‘s Mike DeBonis reports on the real meat of the Trout report that cleared former Mayor Adrian Fenty of steering park contracts to his frat buddies. The report finds that Fenty pal Omar Karim was getting vaguely defined “consulting fees” from the developers he evaluated and picked to be his general contractors on said park contracts. Meanwhile, Karim tells Jonetta Rose Barras that like Sinclair Skinner, he too, feels “vindicated.” Maybe vindicated really means “scared the U.S. Attorney’s Office is going to investigate the Trout report’s allegations of pay-to-play.”

    In Other News: Henderson has no problem with unionized teachers showing support for Wisconsin’s workers, just not on the city’s dime. Councilmember Phil Mendelson wants Wal-Mart to pay a living wage. Council holds up Gray pal Lloyd Jordon‘s confirmation to the Board of Zoning Adjustment. House Speaker John Boehner and school vouchers: it’s personal. Search panel for chancellor thinks it looks like sham when only one person is considered. Education reform, whatever that means, didn’t cost Fenty and Michelle Rhee their jobs.

    Gray sked: Meeting with Venus Williams and Kaya Henderson today, not at the same time.

    Council sked: Mary Cheh asks Allen Lew and Gerri Hall about hiring at 10 a.m.