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  • Kwame Brown Can’t Get No Respect
  • Mary Cheh Seeks Subpoena Power
  • Good morning sweet readers! LL saw a bald eagle over the weekend, which of course set off the John Denver in LL’s head. “Know he’d be a poorer man, if he never saw an eagle flyyyyy!” News time:

    Read My Lips: Mayor Vince Gray is getting close to putting the finishing touches on his first proposed budget and told WAMU’s Patrick Madden yesterday that he doesn’t “envision” broad tax increases. “We’ve had discussions about tax increases. I do not envision any property tax increases, we do not envision any income tax increases. You know, across the board tax increases—don’t envision anything like that,” says Gray, a few days after Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown said similar things on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt. The stance seems like a no-brainer: with all the bad headlines around Gray and Brown right now, there’s no political appetite for a tax-increase fight. (Though with a $300+ million budget deficit, there’s certainly a case to be made.) Meanwhile, Gray has asked for public input via an online survey on his proposed budget, but the timing seems to some a bit suspect, given that most of the heavy lifting has already been done. Meanwhile, the advocacy group Save Our Safety Net plans on having a picnic in Gray’s office on Friday to advocate against budget cuts to social service program.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Cheh Wants To Subpoena the World; Hire More Cops; Green and Issa: It’s Complicated…

    You Expect Me To Talk?: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh made news yesterday by announcing that she was seeking subpoena power to compel reluctant aides to Gray to testify at a hearing on the administration’s hiring practices. With the House Oversight Committee already threatening to hold similar hearings, perhaps Cheh’s hearing will be a kind of warm up. But Cheh tells the Post that she’s not going to bother calling witnesses to testify if they’re just going to plead the 5th. “I will not call them to go through that charade,” says Cheh. Fox5 has more.

    Hire More Cops: The Examiner’s Harry Jaffe reports on Police Chief Cathy Lanier‘s concerns that her shrinking department may be in trouble unless she can hire more cops. Police union boss Kris Baumann gives a sneak peek at what he’ll be answering on Gray’s budget survey: “We can use taxpayer money to keep residents safe, or we can continue to fund giant bureaucracies in agencies that produce little, if any, widespread public benefit.” Meanwhile, two more plead guilty in taxi bribery scheme.

    It’s Complicated: Gray confidante Lorraine Green and House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, whose office is investigating claims Green slipped Sulaimon Brown some cash, have a history, reports Mike DeBonis at the Post. “When Issa was ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, he and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) investigated the 2009 forced retirement of Amtrak’s inspector general, Fred E. Weiderhold Jr. After Weiderhold was ousted by Amtrak’s board—in violation of federal law, the Republicans found—he was replaced on an interim basis with none other than Green.”

    In Other News: Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry hit potholes on his way to press event about potholes. Recently arrested teens charged with murder were DYRS wards. TBD looking for web-traffic gold with Barry photoshop slideshow. DCFPI to Gray: don’t cut disability asssitance, and watch our video. Vincent Orange wants to tax the bonds of other states.

    Mayor sked: 10:30 a.m. presser, 3 p.m. meeting with the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta, 4:30 p.m. meeting with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

    Council sked: Delinquent debt at 10, interstate juvenile justice at 11.