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  • Harry Thomas Jr. Promises to Release Team Thomas Records, Then Doesn’t
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! It’s Thursday, and you know that means—another dead tree edition of Washington City Paper is available for your enjoyment. This week it’s the yearly “Best of D.C.” edition. A lot of work went into this paper, so you’d better enjoy it. News time:

    The Numbers Are Coming: District nerds get their first peek at Census numbers today, which are important in LL’s world because they affect how the city’s political wards will be redrawn. The Post‘s Mike DeBonis reports that all of the city’s wards have grown since the 2000 Census, save for Ward 8. As for redistricting: “Ward 2 is required to shrink, while Wards 7 and 8 must grow. But Ward 2 does not border wards 7 and 8, meaning that some shifts will have to occur in the wards between them—specifically wards 5 and 6…. Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry has been vocal in suggesting that his ward cross the Anacostia River, grabbing a chunk of Ward 6. The more politically likely scenario is that Ward 8 will grow to the north, while Ward 7, which extends slightly across the river under the 2001 redistricting, will extend further to the west.” For more on Barry’s ideas about how redistricting should be a way to make wards more economically and racially diverse, see this old LL column from last October. “This is an excellent opportunity to become one city for real,” said Barry back then.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Gray on Polls; How Much the City Pays for a Night at the W; Irv Nathan Not Peter Nickles…

    I’ve Seen Worse: Mayor Vince Gray, like the rest of us, does not seem surprised about poll numbers showing dissatisfaction with his new administration. “The results present an opportunity for me to identify areas in which to win back the confidence of District of Columbia residents. I appreciate those who still stand with me and will continue to work hard to earn the favor of those who may have doubts,” says Gray. The Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott digs into the poll numbers and reports that Gray’s “once enthusiastic support from the District’s black voters has seriously eroded.” Says Ward 8’s Phillip Pannell on the high pay of some of Gray’s top aides: “It makes the administration appear removed from people’s daily experience.” WUSA9’s got the man on the street reactions, as well as Gray saying he wishes some his recent troubles hadn’t happened. Meanwhile, an editorial in the Informer says not to give up on Gray, “yet.” “It’s true that anyone can fall prey to corruption, but Gray should be given an opportunity to prove that he can be the leader that District residents voted for last year.”

    Discount W: Klopott follows up on LL’s story about DOES Director Rochelle Webb getting chauffeured to and from work and the W hotel. Klopott quotes Councilmember Michael Brown’s spokesman David Meadows saying Webb’s hotel rooms cost taxpayers $182 a night, and she only stayed there for four weeks. That doesn’t square with what DOES told LL. Check back later for more details.

    In Other News: A.G. Irv Nathan makes clear that although he may look like former A.G. Peter Nickles, he won’t act like him. Michael A. Brown wants more streets renamed. More on ABCgate. McKinley Tech principal put on leave, is being investigated over allegations he misspent $100,000 and doctored student transcripts.