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Good morning sweet readers! Why is there such a long break between the Sweet Sixteen and the Final Four? They should play the entire tournament in a 72-hour span. And the players should have jetpacks. News time:

Some Sick Individual Has Stolen Every Teacher’s Edition!: Acting Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson has asked the IG’s office to investigate whether there’s been widespread teacher cheating on standardized tests, following a report by USA Today. A test security firm has already found that there was no cheating, but Henderson says owes it to the teachers whose scores are being questioned “to remove the taint,” reports the Post. But an IG investigation likely won’t be enough to put out this fire. “D.C. Council Chairman Kwame [Fully Loaded] Brown (D) said Tuesday evening that he might hold hearings on the erasures. Such an inquiry could feature subpoenas for school officials who declined to speak to USA Today … We are seriously considering looking deeper into this matter,’ Brown said, ‘maybe subpoenaing people to come testify about who told who to do what.'” DCPS also released the findings of the private test security firm. The Post‘s Bill Turque points to emails that illustrate DCPS’ woeful press strategy of dealing with the USA Today reporters, which boils down to this: deny access to schools and staff on b.s. reasons, then ignore the reports. (Former White House communications guru Anita Dunn had to be called in for that advice!) Also, former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s Nixonian response to USA Today‘s investigation is not winning fans.

AFTER THE JUMP: More School News; Police Brass Pay; Congress’s unpaid tickets …

Let Me Be Clear: The White House announced that it opposes House Speaker John Boehner‘s school voucher bill, but didn’t threaten to veto it, the Post reports. By not threatening a veto, the White House  “is leaving open the possibility that [President Barack] Obama could agree to continue the scholarship program during broader education talks with Boehner and his fellow Republicans later in this Congress. Boehner has said that flexibility by Obama on this topic could help smooth negotiations on other subjects, perhaps including a rewrite of the No Child Left Behind bill.” The House is expected to approve the bill today. Former Ward 7 Councilmember Kevin Chavous says don’t be fooled: The voucher fight isn’t a Republican v. Democrat issue. And the Post editorial board says the White House got its facts wrong on whether the voucher program works.

Well, She Does Get a Lot of Email: Today might not be the ideal day to get arrested, as the rank and file might be in a bad mood after reading the Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott’s story on the number of top police brass making $100,000 or more growing by 30 percent under Police Chief Cathy Lanier. Of note: Inspector Ralph Ennis, who said “during a deposition that he earns his $110,730 annual salary as a Lanier aide. ‘I pretty much oversee her calendar to make sure her days go smoothly,’ Ennis testified. ‘I watch her email, I do a little bit of everything.'”

Pay Your Tickets: Those bums in Congress have racked up more than $15,000 in unpaid traffic tickets, reports Roll Call. Mayor Vince Gray tells WUSA9 that he’d like those tickets paid. “… Help us out with the big budget deficit that we face for the next fiscal year, just pay up the tickets.”

In Other News: Goodbye DCFD, hello FEMS. Ron Moten‘s latest song. How demographic changes may affect elections. No, there’s not been much development around the baseball stadium.

Gray sked: 10 a.m. news conference; 11:30 a.m. meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin; 5:45 appearance at vigil for South Capital shooting anniversary; 7 p.m. Radio and TV correspondents dinner.

Council sked: Nothing worth mentioning.

Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. is on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.