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  • Kwame Brown Pays His Brother
  • Good morning sweet readers! Let’s hear it for people who have raised twins or more. News time:

    To Be Fair, “Write-in” Ran a Mean At-Large Campaign in 2008: By now you’re all aware that the Office of Campaign Finance has released a final audit that “slams,” as the Post put it, Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown‘s record keeping on his 2008 campaign, in which he ran unopposed. The meat: Brown and his brother Che Brown can’t properly account for how $240,000 of campaign expenses went to his brother’s firm. And Brown failed to initially report 210 contributions totaling $103,000 and 53 expenditures totaling $169,000. Brown has apologized for the faulty bookkeeping, which he blamed on using volunteers instead of professional staff. But Brown said there was nothing fishy going on with his brother’s sales-coaching firm getting paid so much money without it being reported. The Post has Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham stating the obvious. “Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) said the chairman needs to quickly produce an ‘itemized report’ for what Che Brown spent the campaign funds on. ‘If he can’t provide one, then people are going to have to reach their own conclusions about what happened, and an investigation would be a subsequent step,’ Graham said.” Et tu, Jim? Note: Brown used a third party to pay his family members with campaign funds in his 2004 election.

    AFTER THE JUMP:  Fenty’s Back; Will a Rich Person Take a Bullet for The Other Rich People?; Eleanor’s speech…

    Fenty, Just Like LBJ?: Former Mayor Adrian Fenty went to Georgetown University yesterday to sell Rosetta Stone study guides, err, to talk about his legacy. The Georgetown Dish reports: “Fenty likened his commitment to education reform and willingness to ‘risk it all’ to President Lyndon Johnson’s pushing through civil rights legislation after his 1964 landslide. … In the Q&A, Fenty reiterated his position that school systems should ‘get rid of unions completely [and it] needs to happen now’ because parent can’t wait the extra time and there are enough protections and accountability through the voters and their elected officials.  However, ‘absolutely’ he would learn from his mistakes and ‘do a better job’ of talking to all sides in to tell the unhappy side that while we may disagree on this decision, there’s always a next time and we’ll ‘stay in touch.'” ANC commish and G-town student Jake Sticka informs via Twitter that Fenty will be making public his endorsement in the at-large race soon. “Check the newspapers soon,” says Fenty. Sigh, that seems like all LL ever does some days.

    Pop Quiz, Which Ward Has The Highest Unemployment Rate: The DCFPI has an interesting blog post on the real unemployment numbers by ward. Interestingly enough, Ward 8 doesn’t have the highest unemployment rate, as our elected officials repeatedly tell us. The dubious honor belongs to Ward 7, which according to the post by Brookings analyst Benjamin Orr, is at 20.7 percent. (Ward 8’s is 18.6 percent.)

    One Rich Person Could Save the Rest: WBJ‘s Michael Neibauer asks: “How ironic would it be if one uberwealthy D.C. resident dies this year, and resulting estate tax payment negated the need for an income tax hike on the uberwealthy?” Read the whole thing.

    Calling Someone A Racist Murderer Is An Effective Negotiation Technique: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton ramped up the rhetoric yesterday on the House floor, The Hill reports. “Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) on Tuesday said the U.S. Congress has “killed” Washington DC residents over the past several years by not allowing them to pay for their own needle exchange programs, and inferred racist motives to Republican efforts to impose their policy aims on the District. … ‘We have the highest AIDS rate in the United States only because the Congress of the United States has killed—I used these words advisedly—killed men, women and children in the District of Columbia by keeping the District for ten years from using needle exchange so that AIDS would spread throughout the city,’ …  She said that before D.C. home rule was granted in 1974, District residents were ruled by the federal government, and ‘that was mostly the work of Southern Democrats whose reasons were, among others… most definitely racial,’ she said. ‘What is happening today is not the work of Southern Democrats,’ Holmes Norton added. ‘It is the work of the new Republican majority.’ She charged Republicans with running an ‘autocracy,’ and implied that Republicans do not see D.C. residents as full citizens. ‘Who do you think you are?’ she asked. ‘The residents of the District of Columbia are free and equal citizens. We will not be traded off like we were slaves.'”

    In Other News: Vincent Orange campaigns in Georgetown. Howard Dean gives a screaming (is that a tired reference or what?) endorsement of Sekou Biddle. Anti-Walmart protesters bring ping pong balls to council hearing. Jonetta does not like Gray’s budget. Hey Free Staters, educate your own kids. Talib Karim wonders who is qualified to work in District government.

    Gray sked: Budget talk with Council at 10 a.m. Presser at 2 p.m. Regular meeting with Kaya Henderson at 4 p.m.

    Kwame sked: Meeting at 6 p.m., Stuart Hobson Middle School, to discuss the appointment of Henderson.