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  • Brandon Webb’s Side of Things
  • Rochelle Rochelle
  • Good morning sweet readers! It’s Thursday! In this week’s dead tree edition of Washington City Paper, LL looks at the mysterious firing of Department of Employment Services Acting Director Rochelle Webb.Was Webb fired for her stay at the W Hotel and chauffeured rides? Or did the Gray administration fire her because she refuses to lie under oath at a council hearing? Read LL’s column and find out (ok, LL doesn’t have any definitive answers, but don’t let that stop you from reading the piece anyway). LL also caught up with her son Brandon, who recently resigned from a community outreach job at the fire department. Don’t miss his story about how he says he got his job, and how he lost it. News time:

    The Wheel In the Sky Keeps On Turning: Both Webbs, along with former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, former Mayor Vince Gray administration chief of staff Gerri Mason Hall, and a whole host of others will be testifying today in front of Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh‘s committee. This thing will probably drag on for hourrrrrs, so find a comfy chair, get your roadbag out, and start chugging those Mountain Dews. Note: Hall is scheduled to go last, and Gray campaign and transition chairwoman Lorriane Green won’t be testifying until a later date.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Green Profile; Shutdown Party; Catania on Budget…

    Speaking of Green: The Post takes a break from squirrel week to roll out a lengthy profile of Green today (complete with a Venn diagram). The gist: Green is “at the center of Gray’s tumultuous first three months in office, swirling in criticism of cronyism and nepotism—including the hiring of children of campaign staffers and salaries that exceed city limits—while his administration is responding to inquiries from federal authorities and the D.C. Council.” The story is a good primer for anyone not paying super close attention to the drama of D.C. politics, but there’s not much in the way of new news. There’s plenty of mostly anonymous Gray supporters saying Green is a power-mad fiend who calls all the shots, and there are plenty of Green supporters saying that the complaints against her are mostly from folks who didn’t get a job in the new Gray administration. Says Green-pal Emily Durso: “I think this is chauvinism. If this was a man, people wouldn’t be whining that they didn’t get treated well enough. If she were a man, they would say he was tough as nails.” The A.P. also rolled out it’s Gray-is-having-a-rough-go piece that’s hitting the wires around the country. “You don’t evaluate an administration on a Sulaimon Brown,” says Gray.

    Shutdown Party: The federal government may be about to shut down, but tops on everyone’s mind is whether they can park with abandon. The answer: kinda. DPW won’t be writing tickets, but MPD still can. Also, your trash won’t be picked up for a week and the Cherry Blossom Festival will be canceled.

    In Other News: Councilmember David Catania doesn’t think Gray’s budget choices were all that tough, and doesn’t like the fact that the budget for the Office of Motion Picture and Television, where Green’s daughter landed a job, had its budget increase. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown has a history of paying family with campaign funds, but Brown says voters can trust him.

    Gray sked: media blitz in the morning, 12:30 p.m. meeting with the D.C. Bar Association.

    Council sked: Full day of hearings, but the Cheh’s big one is at 11 a.m. Kwame Brown’s community meetings to talk about the appointment of Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson at Lafayette Elementary School.