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LL was hanging out at the council hearing on Mayor Vince Gray‘s hiring practices, when the one and only Sulaimon Brown appeared at his side.

After exchanging hellos, LL asked if Brown was going to testify as planned.

“Hell no,” said Brown.

Then most of the rest of the press corps and Brown left the hearing room and went to the entrance of the Wilson Building, where Brown held court on why he wouldn’t testify. His reason, basically, is that he thinks the hearing is nothing more than a “witch hunt” designed to sully his good name. (Imagine your own punch line here, dear reader.)

While gabbing with the press for about five minutes, Brown was informed that the committee was ready for him to testify. Despite the collective will of the press corps, Brown refused, and walked out the front door of the Wilson Building.

On their way back to the briefing room, reporters ran into Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh as she was coming out of the ladies’ room.

While Cheh was refuting some of the things Brown had said, her chief of staff made his way through the pack of reporters and had Cheh sign a subpoena ordering Brown to testify. He then went off, along with a few other Cheh staffers, to try and find Brown.

But after a fruitless search of Freedom Plaza, Cheh’s staff gave up. Brown, like Kaiser Soze, was gone.

So heads up, Sulaimon: a process server is likely heading your way.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery