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Below is the latest mailer sent on behalf of At-Large D.C. Council candidate Sekou Biddle by UNITE HERE Local 25, the union that represents the city’s restaurant and hotel workers. UNITE is spending $25,000 for Biddle in this election, and this is their second mailer.

Like the first one, this mailer emphasizes Biddle’s bona fides as a teacher and education reformer. But unlike the first, this one tries to take Vincent Orange,the perceived frontrunner, down a peg.

“Sekou Biddle is an independent leader. He’s never worked as a lobbyist for special interests. And he’s committed to staying accountable to DC voters—not out-of-state campaign funders,” the piece reads.

Orange is a former Pepco lobbyist who took a good chunk of his nearly $200,000 haul for the current race from out-of-staters.

Also noteworthy: both UNITE mailers have the same picture of Biddle shaking hands with an elderly white woman—you know, the exact type of voter Biddle will need to turn out at the polls in large numbers in order to win. And neither one mentions that Biddle is already on the council—a sign of the general unpopularity of D.C.’s elected officials these days. So much for the power of incumbency!

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