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A little while ago, this flier from Sekou Biddle showed up in the mail at my house in Petworth, in Ward 4. So far, it’s the only mail piece I’ve received from any of the candidates for the at-large D.C. Council seat, even though the election’s coming up in less than two weeks.

What’s interesting about the mailing, though, is that it doesn’t mention that Biddle already has the job. The flier touts his “years of experience in urban public education reform,” and calls for “new leadership” for D.C.’s future. It says Biddle is “running for D.C. Council,” but not that he’s serving on the council now. Even more fascinating, it says: “Sekou Biddle’s career has always been about getting results, not making political deals.” A political deal, of course, was exactly how he got to the Wilson Building in the first place.

Is there any better illustration of the bind Biddle finds himself in as he tries to win the rest of the term? Usually, incumbents want to talk about their clout and what they’ve done for voters while in office. Biddle, though, doesn’t want anyone remembering he’s got anything to do with the D.C. Council. He’s trying to be the outsider, even though he’ll desperately need help from supporters of Kwame Brown and other councilmembers who endorsed him if he’s going to hold onto his seat.

Have you received any other mailings from campaigns this month? If so, email me and let me know so we can try to post them, too.