The special at-large election is a week away and candidates had to file campaign finance reports last night. The most notable disclosure: how much money Vincent Orange can recklessly spend over the next seven days.

The cash-on-hand totals:

Orange: $135,000

Sekou Biddle: $25,000

Josh Lopez: $19,000

Pat Mara: $15,000

Bryan Weaver: $31,000

You can see that Orange is dominating the money race, with more than four times as much as Weaver, more than five times as much as Biddle, more than seven times as much as Lopez and nine times as much as Mara.

As former Mayor Adrian Fenty can tell you: money don’t vote. But everyone and their moms keeps telling LL that these low turnout special elections are all about who can best get their voters to the polls. Orange has enough money to drive each of his voters to the polls in an orange-painted limousine (fully loaded, of course) if he so chose.