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  • Good morning sweet readers! Georgetown has angered Poseidon, probably over parking issues. News time:

    No Show: All three dailies covered the non-event that was the Office of Campaign Finance’s private hearing on Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown‘s 2008 campaign funds, which an audit recently found has all sorts of problems. The Post goes with the headline: “Kwame Brown’s attorney refusing to talk.” (Brown’s attorney is Fred Cooke Jr., who has got to be making bank from representing so many councilmembers with money issues, right?) The Times leads with the fact that Brown was a “no-show” at the hearing. And the Examiner notes that additional hearings will be needed. Kwame Brown’s father Marshall Brown, who campaign records show received exactly $0 from the 2008 campaign, tried to attend the hearing but was told to leave.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Hobson’s View; Moneyball; Schwartz Ready for Prison;

    Home Foolery: District historian Harry Jaffe reminds of the late Julius Hobson Sr., who didn’t like the Home Rule Charter in the 70s, and wouldn’t like what the city’s current batch of politicians are doing about it now. “In the 1960s, Hobson was the original and most authentic of home grown activists. In his trademark pork pie hat, Hobson took on the clergy, the schools, the landlords. He helped end the track system in the schools that consigned black kids to lower level classes. He desegregated rental housing. He forced downtown stores to hire black clerks. The capital city was overrun with rats, but the District government tried to eradicate them only in white neighborhoods on Capitol Hill and west of Rock Creek Park. Hobson vowed to load rats into a truck and dump them in Georgetown and the White House. Suddenly, the city’s rat patrols fanned out to black neighborhoods. … What would Julius Hobson Sr. do? My guess is he would poke fun at the District leaders and their show arrests. He would realize that appealing to Congress or the White House in these times is a fool’s errand. He would demand that the mayor and the city council not make fools of themselves by acting stupid, by outfitting themselves with fancy cars, by hiring their friends and family. He would want them to run the government and schools well. The current D.C. leaders, he might say, are the new Home Fools.”

    What the Arrests Mean: The District’s greatest Swissman, DCist’s Martin Austermuhle (who just got married!), reflects on the recent civil disobedience arrests and feels like they did some good: “The protest also helped bring into sharp relief a part of the debate over D.C. voting rights that doesn’t often get much attention—legislative and budgetary autonomy.”

    Moneyball: The at-large election is a week away and LL noted this morning the main candidates’ cash-on-hand totals. Martin has more on the money totals in the at-large race. “Combing through the spending section of the reports, it becomes clear that Orange is spreading his money around in lots of small payments to campaign workers. Of 131 listed campaign outlays, 88 went to campaign workers in payments from $60 to to $2,500, the latter of which went to campaign manager Douglass Sloan. (During his re-election campaign last year, Mayor Adrian Fenty showed similar spending habits with his $5 million war chest.) More formally, Kennedy Communications, the political shop that ran Mayor Vince Gray’s campaign, took in $63,183, likely for Orange’s eight-page mailer (“The Plan”) and his snazzy website.”

    In Other News: Michelle Rhee compared to Sarah Palin in the New York Times (LL thinks it’s safe to say that he’s the only local news reporter whose beats have included both of them). Teen at youth corrections facility gives himself a new beginning by beating a guard, stealing his car and escaping. Carol Schwartz is serious about going to jail for not paying taxes next year. Layoffs coming to Washington Hospital Center. Nats need to pay up for extended Metro hours, no? Georgetown Dish wants Alice Rivlin to bestow her ethics on the city’s elected officials.

    Gray sked: Hizzoner is taping an interview with Al-Jazeera today at 11 a.m. and then going to a Passover Seder at the home of his former campaign manager, Adam Rubinson.

    Council sked: Full council, gets started at 10 a.m.

    The last at-large forum is tonight. If you haven’t made up your mind, head to Eastern Market tonight at 6:30 p.m.