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Vincent Orange’s got a whopping $135,000 cash-on-hand for the final week of the campaign, way more than the rest of the field.

It’s a nice advantage to have, but only if Orange spends the money wisely. Here’s proof, via former Ward 2 candidate Cary Silverman, that Orange might not be spending his money in the most effective of ways.

Orange sent Silverman a mailer at his address in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Maryland residents, LL is pretty sure, can’t vote in District elections — at least not legally. And it seems like it would be relatively simple to make sure your mailers are all addressed to District residents.

How’d this happen? LL has asked Orange for comment and will update as needed.

Update: Team Orange responds: “I saw that article on LL and I checked what address we sent Cary Silverman’s mail to.  We sent it to his former address in DC.  The mail must have been forwarded to his new address in Maryland.”