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  • Endless Campaign: Another D.C. Council Election Soon!
  • GOP to Vince Gray: We Don’t Trust You
  • Good morning sweet readers! It’s Thursday and your fix for a free alternative weekly newspaper can now be sated. In this week’s dead tree edition of Washington City Paper, LL looks ahead to the next election—no, not Tuesday’s election, the one that’s less than a year away. On the cover, Jon Fisher profiles nerdtown U.S.A. and its stalkerish love for pub quizzes. News time:

    Endorsement Fever: This week’s WCP also has an endorsement for the Tuesday special at-large election. And the winner is, drumroll please, Bryan Weaver. “He’s demonstrated both a fierce commitment to fairness for all D.C. residents (he’d push for new tax brackets for high incomes, to help balance the city’s budget without putting most of the sacrifice on poorer residents) and a pragmatism that could keep him from being marginalized on the council (as Advisory Neighborhood Commission chairman, he negotiated a deal making hotel developers promise to hire local workers in exchange for a $46 million tax abatement, which is more than other city officials bothered to do). His irritation with the petty scandals at the Wilson Building is clear: He says he won’t take an outside job if elected, something other councilmembers do, despite salaries that are the second-highest in the nation at $125,583 per year. And he would join a growing urbanist bloc on the council that could improve everyone’s quality of life,” the unsigned mystery writer says (it’s wasn’t LL, who don’t endorse nobody!), before adding: “Here’s where we admit that Weaver isn’t likely to win.” And the Current re-endorsed Sekou Biddle because apparently the first one wasn’t clear enough.

    AFTER THE JUMP: GOP Doesn’t Trust Gray; Far-Left Pawns; Sheen Gets a Police Escort?…

    GOP Doesn’t Trust Gray: The National Review got ahold of a letter from Senate and House Republicans kindly telling Mayor Vince Gray to “immediately” cease and desist using local funds to cover abortions. The Republicans note that the District has a history of funding “the destruction of innocent human life” even when told by Uncle Sam not to. “In light of this history,” the lawmakers write, they want Gray to provide “detailed information” about what steps Gray is taking to make sure no public funds are being used to fund abortions. They are also upset that the District hasn’t been cooperating with requests to provide information on public funding for abortions but has been cooperating with the Post‘s Mike DeBonis. (Confidential to national Republicans: That might be because more District voters read DeBonis than read your press releases?)

    Whose Pawn?: An Examiner editorial slams Gray and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton for their current protest tactics of the District’s lowly status in Congress. “Their real priorities: More abortions for low-income women and less scholarship money for low-income children. … District Democrats’ unrelenting pursuit of a far-left agenda that puts abortion, gun control and teachers unions before the best interests of their own constituents is the real reason the city still has no vote in Congress and, despite home rule, no real autonomy over its own affairs. And why the city will continue to be a political pawn no matter who’s living in the White House.” In themail, Gary Imhoff sounds a similar note: “If DC really wants statehood, it needs to follow a political route, to moderate its political stances and show that it would be a moderate state.” Among Imhoff’s suggestions: “Start mass pro-American, pro-federal government celebrations, even as small and symbolic as trying to get every household in DC to fly an American flag for flag day, that emphasized the Americanism of DC residents and our connection to and affection for the nation, not our grievances and complaints about it.” LL suggests the first “mass pro-American” celebration could be held on July 4, perhaps on the Mall.

    In Other News: Bruce Johnson gets another day’s story out of juvie prison break. Speaking of, four young prisoners from D.C. escaped last night, only to find themselves in South Carolina. More bikes. Election may be cheaper than anticipated. Dear Police Chief Cathy Lanier: Why on God’s green earth did Charlie Sheen get a police escort? Nice lede by Postie Annys Shin in profile of WASA’s George Hawkins.  Streetcar endgame. Wal-Mart haters lists of demands. Marion Barry reflects on William Donald Schaefer.

    Gray sked: Meeting with European Union Ambassador João Vale de Almeida at 2:30 p.m.

    Council sked: full day of various committee meetings, including hearings on DOES, DDOT and the Office of Risk Management.

    Last chance to hear the at-large candidates argue, going on this morning at WPFW.