As promised, here’s some more semi-interesting emails that have been released as part of the council’s investigation into the Gray administration’s hiring practices.

It’s A Media Emergency

In January, Gray confidant Lorraine Green wrote to the mayor’s spokeswoman telling her that the Gray family needed a media training session—stat. Turns out Carlos Gray, the mayor’s son, was the subject of profile in D.C. Magazine that his sister, Jonice Gray Tucker, thought was “not on message in at least a couple of areas.”  You can search for the article here, it’s on page 112 of the January issue. LL has read it, and it doesn’t seem like Carlos Gray is off message anywhere. Perhaps the questionable lines include the fact that Carlos Gray “is eager to flex his role as an ambassador of Washington’s creative economy” and “sees his dad’s new position as an ideal venue to advocate for his personal passion.”

Here’s the full email:

Linda…I know at one point you mentioned bringing the Gray family in for a media tutorial.  I think it should be done sooner rather than later.  Jonice sent me a link to a “profile” on the first son….Carlos that had not been vetted.  I have not read it, but according to Jonice, Carlos is not on message in at least a couple of areas.  She called him and asked him if he had worked with us on this, and he said no….but that Doxie had referred the call to him.  Please look into this and do what you feel is appropriate.  Thanks!

Yeah, That’s Not Going to Be A Good Fit:

If you can believe it, Gray was asked if David Jannarone—former Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s development boss, who had supporting roles in some of the more awkward moments of the Fenty administration (firetruck donations, park contracts)—should be considered for a job.

“Judy …. VG said he is a Fenty person. Not interested in hiring him,” wrote Green to Gray’s former H.R. Director Judy Banks.

Why Would I Hire Someone Who Lied To A Councilmember?”

Remember when Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander fired her former spokesman Andre Johnson, because he allegedly lied to her about his involvement in the Marion Barry reality show? Turns out Carlos Gray tried to help Johnson land a job in the Gray administration.

Here’s an email from Green to Banks:

Judy…this is a person that Carlos Gray told we would find a job for after Yvette Alexander fired him for lying about his part in the Marion Barry reality show. Carlos even got Yvette to call me and vouch for him (go figuure?). I talked to VG about Carlos pushing for this guy, and his response was..”why would I hire someone who lied to a councilmember”? I don’t think he ever told Carlos that though since Andre copied Carlos on his email to me. See my response to him below. Please call him and explain the budgetary issues, numerous persons with extensive communications backgrounds who worked on the campaign that are looking for jobs, etc. so he will understand he probably needs to look elsewhere for employment. (Not that this is going to stop Carlos, but if he persists I will have VG talk to him) Thanks!