Check out Washington City Paper’s newish food writer, Chris Shott, who reports that a new Georgia Avenue restaurant has named a dish after Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham.

It’s a “plate of ‘[s]ucculent, wild caught salmon‘ sauteed with onions and peppers and served with your choice of sides, at Ma-Ma’s Southern Cuisine, Shott reports. (LL is a bit of a salmon snob and can’t help but point out that “wild caught” salmon doesn’t mean anything. Delicious king salmon and gross dog salmon are both “wild caught.”)

The restaurant owner let’s us know that salmon is Graham’s favorite fish, in case you were wondering.

All this food talk has made LL hungry, but it’s also made him wonder: Has any type of dish ever been named after other D.C. politicos? Surely former Mayor-for-life Marion Barry deserves a plate.

Ten seconds of Google searching have yielded no results, but maybe some of LL’s more informed readers can let him know in the comments section.