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  • Navigatorgate: The Prequel
  • Good morning sweet readers! Do y’all really think Coach Taylor is going to take that job in Florida? News time:

    I’ll Have What He’s Having: Well, it only took multiple FOIAs over several months, but LL was finally able to find a document that supports the tip he got back in January, a tip that got the ball rolling on the whole Navigatorgate scandal. The tip: that Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown wanted a Lincoln Navigator because that’s what the mayor had. The document: an email from a Department of Public Works supervisor saying pretty much the same thing. Check out the story here, where you’ll also learn that a) the city rented Brown a Chevy Tahoe for more than $1,700 a month for the two months before he was sworn in and b) the Tahoe was not returned to the rental company in pristine condition. LL will have more on this story later today.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Anonymous comments will doom us all; Graham’s take on New Beginnings hire; Dance off…

    Maybe Peter Nickles Wasn’t Such a Bad Spokesman Afterall: Are flacks for Mayor Vince Gray posting anonymous comments on this website? That’s the question raised by comment-reader and Postie Mike DeBonis, who compares a statement mayoral spokeswoman Doxie McCoy sent to a TV reporter versus what anonymous commenter(s) wrote a few days before on LL’s blog and the Examiner‘s website. The statement and the comments were in response to stories about the mayor’s bill to create two new executive pay scales and raise the maximum pay rate to $279,000. Read DeBonis’ post and you can see the large swaths of identical text. McCoy says it’s no one in the mayor’s office: “Only thing I can think of is someone asked us for a response and that may have been what was sent and someone took it upon themselves to post it anonymously. … I never post anything anonymously on any blogs,” says McCoy. Oh yeah, well, what if LL were to tell you that he found out the anonymous commenter’s email address using super sophisticated tracking software? Actually, calm down, LL’s no computer geek and can’t possibly do that. Two points here: First, LL asked Gray’s office for comment on the bill Friday and got a call from Gray’s spokeswoman Linda Wharton-Boyd saying that General Counsel Brian Flowers was going to call him back to talk about the bill. Flowers never called. So LL sure would be displeased if it turns out someone in the mayor’s office was writing the mayor’s talking points on LL’s blog, when LL can’t even get a promised phone call back. Second: The mayor’s press shop/anonymous commenters say that the bill would just to “ratify the salaries previously authorized” for a handful of agency heads already making salaries above the current pay cap of $179,000. That’s not untrue, but that’s not the only point of the bill. At Friday’s hearing, H.R. boss Shawn Stokes said that the mayor needed to raise the current pay cap to be able to attract better candidates in the future.

    What? HR Issues?: According to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, this is how the new boss at the District’s juvie prison, Coast Guard Capt. Steven Baynes, was hired. “Capt. Baynes was interviewed Jan. 4, the job posting was withdrawn upon instruction by D.C.’s human resources department, it was reposted March 24 with juvenile justice requirements that formerly had been in the posting deleted. More interviews were conducted and Capt. Baynes was hired April 25.” The Times recaps. “It seems like this was an engineered effort,” says Graham.

    In Other News: Gray addresses concerns of District’s gay community over possible attacks on gay marriage law from House Republicans. Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander wants Pepco to be investigated. Police Chief Cathy Lanier responds to complaints she’s unfair to men. D.C. will press on with St. E’s even if the feds drag feet. Feel like getting arrested by the Park Police?Here’s your chance (but the Post says don’t go).

    Gray sked: LeDroit Park grand opening, Kenilworth park clean up.

    Council sked: Whole council to take up one of Marion Barry’s many disapproval resolutions.