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Sulaimania has started, and it’s already awesome.

So far, Sulaimon Brown has repeatedly butted heads with committee chairwoman Mary Cheh by refusing her request to take his sunglasses off, and repeatedly telling her not to interrupt him.

Next up was Councilmember David Catania, who got in a near shouting match over Brown’s contention that Catania is a “witness” in this whole mess (aren’t we all?). Cue gaveling from Cheh and Catania and Brown calling each other “delusional.”

Things have settled down somewhat, for now.

As for Brown’s actual testimony, LL hasn’t heard any news yet, though Brown is insisting on labeling each document he brings up “exhibit one” or “exhibit two.” (“You can label them whatever you want,” Cheh told him.) Stay tuned.

Photo by Alan Suderman