Today’s Sulaimania hearing ended much the same way as it began: with a combative Sulaimon Brown openly taunting councilmembers and little in the way of real news being made.

Committee chairwoman Mary Cheh showed her hand from the get-go, asking Brown to remove his sunglasses when testifying and doing nothing when he refused.

From then on, it was clear that Brown had a wide berth to do and say as he pleased. He called both Cheh and Councilmember David Catania “delusional,” mocked Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry for his drug arrest, and kept sniping at councilmembers for interrupting him.

The councilmembers weren’t much better themselves, letting themselves get drawn into any number of petty squabbles with Brown. Catania mocked Brown’s current unemployment, while Barry told Brown, “You out of your goddamn mind.”

Oh, and some woman was escorted out after she started screaming about how unjust the District government is.

So all in all, probably the best hearing of the year.

As for the news, LL doesn’t have much stuff to report. Brown did flesh out some of the details that have previously come out in Post stories, including one version of events from Brown that has Mayor Vince Gray personally directing campaign aide Howard Brooks to pay Brown after the Ward 4 straw poll. (Gray, by the way, has denied any and all of Brown’s alleged wrongdoings.)

The money quote, which other media outlets might shy away from, came when Brown recalled how Gray told Brown at the mayoral inauguration that he would shortly have a city job.

“Don’t fuck it up,” Gray said, according to Brown, which, in retrospect, is pretty darn hilarious considering where we’re currently at with this whole mess.

That’s all for today. LL will have more on The Sulaimon Saga later this week.