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The Office of Campaign Finance caps one wild week for news with a late Friday announcement that it has filed a complaint against Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown’s 2008 re-election campaign (in which he faced no real opposition) for failing to “report 210 contributions totaling $102,763.00, failure to report 53 expenditures totaling $169,431.49, failure to amend its Statement of Organization to include a bank account and identify a signatory, and failure to substantiate $174,785.57 in expenditures.”

The news is not much of a surprise (though the timing is a little suspect)—an OCF audit released in April pretty much accused Brown of the same thing. Today’s complaint means that Brown and his family members, who were deposed by OCF, weren’t able to convince investigators that the audit was bunk.

It’s noteworthy that the complaint includes the bit about Brown not being able to substantiate $174,785.57 in expenses. The most interesting thing about the audit, after all, was the fact that $240,000 of Brown’s campaign money passed through a private contractor to a sales-training firm owned by Brown’s brother, Che Brown, who OCF says didn’t have records to back up how $174,785.57 of that money was spent.

(Hmm, a councilmember accused of using a third party to funnel funds close to home and then not having records to back himself up. Why does that sound familiar?)

OCF’s complaint was filed with the Board of Elections and Ethics, which will hold a hearing at a later date. As LL’s noted before, there could be still more trouble in store for Brown down the road.

Photo By Darrow Montgomery