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Good morning sweet readers! Is there anything more exciting to look forward to than taco Friday? News time:

Got to Have Kaya Now: Congratulations to soon-to-be Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson, who survived a marathon of boredom yesterday during a lengthy confirmation hearing where no question was off limits. The Post‘s Bill Turque reports: “Henderson pledged to continue what she described as the record of improvement that began under [Michelle] Rhee in enrollment, test scores, school renovation and the District’s capacity to serve special-needs children. She promised to augment that record with other measures, such as a curriculum for teachers and a more robust community outreach effort to include parents in decision-making.” Washington Teacher’s Union President Nathan Saunders said at the hearing that Henderson has no “sworn enemies” in his union and he wants to work with her. Mike DeBonis notes how different Henderson’s hearing was compared to the latter-state Rhee hearings, but also has Saunders saying that he has no plans of going softly into the good night and will speak up when he feels his members are gettin’ screwed. “I still got a lot of fight in me.”

AFTER THE JUMP: Bad Old Days, The Examiner Version; Trouble for DYRS pick; Evans and $50,000…

Bad Old Days, Examiner Version: Perhaps feeling a little left out after the Post ran two versions of the “bad old days” are here again story, the Examiner devotes two news stories, a column, and an editorial to the same theme. “A rapid expansion of the District’s budget, easy access to campaign dollars and a taste for the high life have sparked a series of corruption charges not seen in D.C. since the mayoral reign of Marion Barry,” says Freeman Klopott. “Widespread accusations of corruption in the District bring back memories of Mayor Marion Barry, but the sudden eruption of alleged ethical breaches by the city’s top officials is more intense than at any given moment under Barry’s regime,” Freeman says in a sidebar. Columnist Harry Jaffe takes a slight detour to say that Barry’s had 40 years to improve D.C. schools but has nothing to show for it, before moving on to accuse Mayor Vince Gray of stiffing the hard working street cops in favor of the politically connected Jeffery Thompson. And we close with an Examiner editorial, which calls on any “still-untarnished council members must get off the sidelines and start demonstrating the principles of good government” and also assigns a few new nicknames that LL predicts won’t stick.

Not So Smooth Confirmation: The conformation process for Gray’s pick to run the troubled juvenile justice department, Neil Stanley, is being held up while District officials investigate whether he “tailored a key job posting to fit the background of someone he had known socially for 10 years,” reports the Times.

In Other News: Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans just raised $50,000 at one fundraiser. DCGOP compares Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. to Rep. Anthony Weiner. Metro launches a PR offensive. Safeway apologizes for cashier’s homophobic slur. Bad cops. Jaffe v. DeBonis explained. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be anarchist dogwalkers. The life expectancy gap between D.C.’s white and black populations is shrinking. Food truck owners are still butting heads with restaurant owners over city regulations. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has drafted a bill to revoke the SEC’s independent leasing authority. The former frontrunner to head D.C.’s airport authority is out of a job with his current employer, San Francisco’s Metropolitan Municipal Transportation Agency.

Gray sked: In Baltimore for the 79th U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Council sked: Committee on Government Operations and the Environment hearing, Room 412 JAWB, 11:00 a.m.