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  • Did the FBI fund Jim Graham’s Thanksgiving Giveaway?
  • Good morning sweet readers! Monday morning music. News time:

    For Whom the Post Polls: The front page of the Sunday WaPo had the not-at-all shocking news that l’affaire Sulaimon and other distractions have taken a toll on Mayor Vince Gray’s poll numbers. “The number of Democrats seeing the mayor as untrustworthy has nearly tripled, and the number saying he doesn’t understand their problems has more than doubled.” Overall, Gray’s favorability rating was at 47 percent, says the Post, which LL thought was downright awesome for Gray considering the “haze of controversy” that’s surrounded the mayor’s first six months on the job. The poll found that only 30 percent of residents had a favorable view of Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown, while 36 percent of residents have an unfavorable view and 33 have no opinion of the man. Fox5 caught up with Hizonner at a mayor’s conference in Baltimore, where he got some love from Kevin Johnson, the fiance of Michelle Rhee and mayor of Sacramento. In a follow up story for Monday’s paper, the Post looks at the racial and socio-economic breakdown of poll respondents and finds that, mon dieu, “higher- income African Americans have more in common with similarly wealthy whites than with lower-income blacks.” For that story the Post also interviews one Tene Dolphin, characterized only as a “federal employee” and not as Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s former chief of staff. Are there two Tene Dolphins in this town? Seriously, are there?

    AFTER THE JUMP: Jonetta Brings the the Pain; ANC Blues; Mo Money, Mo Problems…

    Take Your Peck Elsewhere: Screw the Post poll, today’s must read is Jonetta Rose Barras‘ just straight up blistering column on Gray’s decision to bring on former OCTO boss Suzanne Peck as pro bono consultant to the City Administrator Allen Lew’s office. A taste: “Gray reportedly had considered hiring Peck as his city administrator. Very few people were excited about that prospect. Bringing her on as a free adviser has been perceived as a backdoor maneuver, giving her time to build internal allies. … Even without cash, Peck could cash in. She would have enormous access and influence. And, if past is prologue, she wouldn’t hesitate to leverage that to advantage her friends, helping them secure contracts under the guise they are uniquely qualified. … Peck has proved to be a high-maintenance spendthrift and a serial violator of personnel and procurement rules and regulations … Gray hired Lew because he has a stellar reputation for accomplishing major feats with slim bureaucracies. But, the mayor has seemed intent on sabotaging the CA, littering his path with deleterious deputy managers and, now, Peck. Why? Could it be Gray really doesn’t want a new improved District government? I’m just asking.”

    ANC Blues: The Chairman of ANC 5b, William Shelton, is being investigated for allegedly misusing city funds, reports WUSA9. “Investigators allege $27,000 in cash was withdrawn from ATM’s over the course of the year.  Payments were also made to a dozen vendors including, AT&T, Bloomingdales, Target, and Lexus.  A source tells 9NEWS NOW Shelton used a portion of the money to pay the car note on his Lexus.” Shelton didn’t comment to the TV station, but says he’ll be giving a full explanation today.

    Money, It’s a Gas: Former Capital Hill staffer Colby King laments D.C. politicians easy access to campaign cash. “The money sloshing around in the city these days is as amazing as it is unsettling. Money greases the way to access and influence. Money drowns the citizen’s voice. Money and politics, as one political observer put it, are an evil brew. The pot is stirring in our city.”

    Getting Better: Councilmember David Catania takes a victory lap in the WaPo for improving the District’s fight against HIV/AIDS. “When I became the chairman of the D.C. Council’s Health Committee six years ago, this was not the state of affairs that I encountered. The District government’s response to the epidemic at that time was dysfunctional on every level. We were unable to pay our providers, failed to monitor grants and had no data with which to track the spread of the disease. A generation of ineptitude on behalf of our local government resulted in a system that was rife with fraud and gave rise to today’s headline-grabbing 3.2 percent infection rate.”

    In Other News: U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen: I’m watching you, pols. Gray: feds should do more job training.  TWT’s Deborah Simmons: “The chickens have come home to roost, and the poop is all over the John A. Wilson Building.” D.C. Watch‘s Gary Imhoff: “The message that Gray sends to citizens is that, in the fight against corruption, he is a noncombatant.”  Fenty finished 37th among “elite males” in D.C. Triathlon. Council considers high gas prices. Feds bust monster pot ring operating in D.C. area. 20 D.C. schools will get new principals next year. Some schools will aim for selectivity by requiring classroom tryouts for new teachers. The NTSB says Metro has made some progress since the 2009 Fort Totten Red Line crash, but still has a long way to go. Rapes jumped 20% in D.C. in the last year, according to the FBI.
    Gray sked: In Charm City, all day.

    Council sked: Hearing on confirmations of D.C. WASA board members, Room 123 JAWB, 10:00 a.m., Committee on Finance and Revenue hearing, Room 120 JAWB, 10:15 a.m, Round table on D.C. home foreclosure prevention programs, Room 412 JAWB, 1:00 p.m., Committee on Government Operations and the Environment hearing, Room 500 JAWB, 2:00 p.m.