LL was just going through the old photos on his phone and found this fuzzy one of Mayor Vince Gray and his chief accuser Sulaimon Brown back in the good old days. The photo looks like it was from the last summer’s Ward 8 mayoral contest, which is the one where Brown accused then-Mayor Fenty of not respecting his parents. LL has no idea who the boy is standing between Gray and Brown, but LL hopes he kept a copy of that photo. That’s a piece of history, kid!

LL was also directed to a Facebook page that hosts this gem:

This photo was taken at an Aug. 15 fundraiser at Eatonville, the same restaurant where Brown claims Gray had directed campaign aide Howard Brooks to pay him after the Aug. 5 Ward 4 debate. Gray says that’s not true. Brown, of course, appears to have a knack for jumping into photos, so who knows if Gray even realized he was posing with him here?