Score (another) one for the political journalists in the District and the readers who read them.

The colorful Ron Moten, whose resume includes go-go producer, Adrian Fenty mayoral campaign strategist, anti-youth violence advocate and magazine publisher, says it’s time D.C. had a councilmember named Ron Moten.

Moten says he’ll announced his challenge to Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander sometime in the next ten days. The only thing left to do before making an official announcement, Moten says, is to get the okay from his family.

Asked what would happen if they told him not to run, Moten says, “Well, I don’t think they’re going to say no.”

Moten’s been toying with the idea of running since at least October.  He says he’s found plenty of displeasure in Ward 7 with Alexander’s performance and he plans on running a campaign themed on “public service, not self service.”

That being said, however, Moten says he’s not going to run a negative campaign, but will try to highlight his record of a self-made man who has been “battle tested.”

Moten added that he doesn’t think his campaign will get much resistance from Mayor Vince Gray, who used to be Ward 7’s councilmember and hand-picked Alexander to replace him.

“I think Vince Gray has a lot of respect for me,” says Moten.

We’ll see about that, Ron.

As for Alexander, she says via Twitter, bring it on.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery