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  • Prayers Answered: Ron Moten to Run For Council
  • Is Tommy Wells Making His Move?
  • Old Pictures of Vince Gray and Sulaimon Brown
  • Resolved: Vince Gray Isn’t One for Resolutions
  • Does D.C. Want Fenty Back?
  • Good morning sweet readers! Oh no! It’s the summer solstice already! Just think: every day for most of the rest of the year will now have less sunlight than the day before. News time:

    Nothing Personal, Yvette: The Mysterious Yvette Alexander Support Group (aka the MYASG) recently met to decide whether to have a “come to Jesus” with the Ward 7 councilmember over complaints that she dropped the ball on redistricting and she’s not doing enough to bring development to the ward, or to cut her loose. They decided to cut her loose, reports the TimesJeffery Anderson. Check out this brutal assessment:  “It’s nothing personal,” says former councilmember H.R. Crawford. “But we’re becoming the joke of the city. We need someone who is going to speak up for this community. We are an intelligent, well-educated community, and we want good representation. You look at Wards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and you see development all over. No community would sit idly by and do nothing.” The MYASG is now shopping for a candidate to challenge Alexander, the Times says.  There’s no word if they’re interested in buying shares in Ronald Moten Corp. Moten told reporters yesterday that he’s about to throw his hat in the ring with a slogan of “public service, not self service.”

    AFTER THE JUMP: Grand Jury For L’Affaire Sulaimon; Michael Brown Pays Taxes; Jaffe Wants Bums Thrown Out…

    Sulaimon v. Ham Sandwich: The Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott kicks the Sulaimon Brown saga forward with the news that a grand jury has been reviewing Brown’s accusations that he was improperly paid cash and offered a job by the Vince Gray campaign last year. Klopott says the feds turned to the grand jury in April, so you make the call on what that means. Gray’s high-priced lawyer, Robert Bennett, says he’s done his own investigation and has cleared the mayor. “There is absolutely no merit to any accusations that Mayor Gray knew or participated or authorized any payments to Sulaimon Brown.” Klopott also talks to Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry’s old pal, former D.C. U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova, to get the breakdown on how the feds may choose to move forward with the case. “Of course, the paydirt for prosecutors would be to get the mayor,” says one attorney associated with the case.

    In Other News: Tax hike advocate Councilmember Michael A. Brown may not always pay his taxes on time, but he does pay them. Harry Jaffe: the “perfect storm could blow the bums out.” MetroAccess workers caught falling asleep at the wheel, literally. Wayne Ryan, DCPS instructional superintendent and former Michelle Rhee poster boy, resigns. Is Sears serious about moving its headquarters to D.C. or not? A GWU law professor might sue Catholic U. over its single-sex dorm decision. Pregnant D.C. firefighters face tough choices. A DYRS ward escaped custody at BWI Airport. Online gambling in D.C. is almost ready to roll. District residents see HIV/AIDS as the city’s toughest health problem.
    Gray sked: Desk work, ANC 8E meeting at 7:15 p.m. 

    Council sked: Committee of the Whole meeting, Room 500 JAWB, 10 a.m.

    With additional reporting by Nick DeSantis.