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LL has a new failsafe interview technique: jump in at the end of a Tom Sherwood interview when the TV camera is still rolling and ask an awkward question.

Sherwood was asking Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells about new ethics legislation when LL asked Wells if he was planning on running for mayor.

“We’ve got a perfectly good mayor who I want to be successful,” Wells said.

Sherwood asked Wells if he had his sights on any citywide office. “I chair a committee that affects all the lives in Washington,” Wells said.

Sherwood asked again.

“We just had a recent election and we have a new chair and a new mayor, and I will do my best to make them successful,” Wells said.

“So you’re not ruling out anything?” Sherwood asked.

“I really want our city to keep making progress, and I want us to keep moving forward. And I will be a part of that,” Wells said.

“So you’re not ruling anything out,” Sherwood asked again.

Finally, Wells was broken.

“Um, no, of course not, I’m not ruling anything out,” Wells said.

Photo by Sasha Issenberg