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  • The Day At The Wilson Building
  • The King of Campaign Cash
  • Vince Gray, International Man of Mystery
  • Good morning sweet readers! It’s Canada Day, which should be celebrated with Canadian music. News time:

    The House Delays: No surprise here, the D.C. Lottery is hitting pause on rolling out Internet gambling “hot spots” around town until there’s some community input. Lotto boss Buddy Roogow says there’s an “umbrella of misunderstanding that we’re setting up betting parlors.” Says the Post: “A list of access points to the new betting Web site has not been released. But a network of Wi-Fi sites at public buildings and commercial establishments, such as hotels and clubs, was slated to be the backbone of the first-in-the-nation effort. That network is key for marketing and attracting tourists, visitors and other players, lottery officials have said.” Councilmember Michael A. Brown says he’s hearing that the hospitality industry wants this online gambling thing to get started sooner rather than later. LL missed this from yesterday’s roundup, courtesy of WAMU: “Meanwhile, campaign finance records show that on March 10, five $1,000 checks or money orders from Veteran Services Corporation and several of its employees and family members were sent to the ‘Friends of Michael Brown’ campaign committee. Veteran Services Corporation, or VSC, is the local partner with Intralot, the Greek company contracted by D.C. Lottery to provide the software for the online gaming. VSC owns 51 percent of the deal. Regarding the checks, Brown says he was raising money to balance the books in order to close out the campaign committee fund. Asked if VSC stands to gain because of the online gaming measure, Brown responded: ‘So does every developer who does a deal with the city and they contribute to my colleagues all the time,’ Brown says. ‘It’s all legal and that’s the world we live in.'” Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans says he’s happy the “hot zone” rollout is being slowed. Harry Jaffe says online gambling is dumb.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Catania v. Gandhi, Round 423; Get Over It; Swissman Angry…

    Catania v. Gandhi, Round 423: Councilmember David Catania has asked Attorney General Irv Nathan to get to the bottom of whether CFO Nat Gandhi left millions on the table by not collecting taxes on certain commercial real estate deals. Gandhi has said he didn’t, Catania wants a second opinion, and says Gandhi’s full of it. “In short, while your attempt to create ‘ambiguity’ surrounding what is plain and clear may make for a good media strategy, it reveals troubling inability to be forthcoming with District taxpayers,” Catania wrote, says the Examiner. DeBonis reports that Nathan’s already looked at the issue, but has so far kept his opinion a secret, and that it would look bad for Gandhi if Catania is right.

    Get Over It: There’s not a day that goes by where Greater Greater Washington’s David Alpert isn’t filled with regret for supporting Mayor Vince Gray over former Mayor Adrian Fenty in last year’s primary. No, wait, LL read that entirely wrong. Alpert’s real message is that he’s not going to say he’s sorry for supporting Gray, Fenty wasn’t even close to perfect, and Alpert wants his annoying commenters to stop pestering him: “No mayor is perfect. Maybe in the future we can elect someone that’s better than both Fenty and Gray. We also could definitely have mayors who are far worse than either. We can keep dwelling on the past, or we can fight for a better DC. I’m going to keep my eye on the ball and hope you will too.” LL is sure his own commenters will weigh in on this one.

    That Each Jurisdiction Shall Earn the Right of Representation: DCist’s Martin Austermuhle abandons his peace-loving Swiss heritage and goes off on Washingtonian editor Garrett Graff for suggesting that the District needs to clean up its act before complaining about Congress.

    Condolences: There’s a death notice in the Post today marking the passing of Loretta M. Gray 13 years ago. It reads: “It was 13 years ago today that you left. You are missed everyday. Your loving family.”

    In Other News:

    Gray sked: NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt, News Channel 8 Studio, 10 a.m., Remarks at Wally Amos Birthday Celebration, MLK Jr. Library, 12:30 p.m., desk work and staff meetings, 1 p.m.
    Council sked: Round table on collaboration between D.C.’s adult education and workforce development programs, Room 500 JAWB, 10 a.m., Committee on Government Operations and the Environment hearing, Room 412 JAWB, 2 p.m.