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Mayor Vince Gray is currently on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt for an hour-long interview. The first set of questions from DePuyt had to do Gray’s role last December in passing legislation that will make the District the first jurisdiction in the country to offer online gambling. The gambling law, which you all know, is very much in the news as its possible September implementation date draws closer and people are wondering if their public libraries will turn into virtual Vegases.

Most of the criticism about the online gambling law is that it was tacked onto a budget bill and the public never got a chance to weigh in on the idea. But Gray, who was in his last days as chairman when the council approved the legislation, told DePuyt that the gambling plan “was very much at the forefront” and received the “appropriate” amount of scrutiny before being passed. Gray also noted that Congress had plenty of time to weigh in on the District’s plan, which was proposed by Councilmember Michael Brown.

In other news, Gray also said he doesn’t  support a proposed taxi medallion bill. Last time he was on the show, at least according to LL’s notes and shoddy memory, Gray said he wanted to learn more about the bill before taking a stance on it. Stance taken!

And … Gray also took issue with Councilmember David Catania‘s assertion that the Gray administration has been distracted by scandals and lacks leadership and a vision. Gray says he had a plan before coming into office to fix the city’s budget, make the city safer, make kids smarter, and get people back to work. Hizzoner says he’s kept to that plan. “The reality is we’ve done exactly what we said we were going to do.”