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  • Michael Brown’s Re-election Campaign Kick Off Host Committee
  • Yvette Alexander to Throw Campaign Kick Off at Vince Gray’s House
  • Gray: Online Gambling Was Vetted, and Then Some!
  • Good morning sweet readers! LL was reacquainted with the joys of driving a Chevy Suburban slowly along country roads this weekend. The fun ended at the gas pump. Did you know that some pumps automatically shut down at the $100 mark, even if your 42-gallon tank isn’t full? News time:

    Parade of Dreams: Has it really been a year since LL first started on the job with a trip to the annual 4th of July Palisades parade, where Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown‘s float included a semi, then-Mayor Adrian Fenty passed out green towels that were as prickly as he was, and every wannabe pol in town was sweating profusely while giving away beads and candy? This year’s event, according to reports, seemed naturally a bit more subdued. The biggest newsmaker appears to be board of education member Pat Mara. Per TWT: “Mara, an unsuccessful Republican candidate in this April’s special election for an at-large council seat, smiled at a quiet crowd as he walked beside a sign that read ‘D.C. deserves better than Councilman Harry Thomas Jr.’ Mr. Thomas, a Ward 5 Democrat, is the subject of D.C. attorney general and federal investigations regarding allegations of using public funds for personal use. A bystander observed that Mr. Mara seems to be ‘running for everything.'” Does this mean Mara is looking to buy a house in Brookland? Mayor Vince Gray used the 4th to highlight D.C.’s lack of independence from Congress and the Dish has parade pics, as does DCist.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Huntsman Hearts D.C.; More on I-Gaming; Kwame’s Big Day…

    Huntsman, The District’s Best Friend:  Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman favors giving the District voting rights in Congress (as long as a Republican-leaning state gets an extra seat too.) The Post notes that the rest of the GOP field has probably never spent two seconds thinking about D.C. voting rights, and yes, Pat Mara makes another media appearance.

    Mr. Evans, Tear Down Those Random Number Generating Machines: Who wants to read yet another Post editorial inveighing against the District’s online gambling law? No one? Then try this TWT article outlining some of the rules the District will be imposing on the online gaming venture: 1) You can only lose a maximum of $250 a week and 2) you can’t play between the hours of 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. But that’s when LL is luckiest! LAME! Meanwhile, Councilmember Michael Brown says he doesn’t support online gambling at government-owned buildings. But what are people supposed to do at libraries?

    Big Day For Kwame: D.C. Watch’s Dorothy Brizill doesn’t mince words with this hed “Kwame Brown’s Day of Reckoning.” Brizill gives a preview to the Board of Elections and Ethics Thursday morning hearing regarding Brown’s 2008 campaign finances, a good chunk of which hasn’t been properly accounted for except that it went to Brown’s brother says the Office of Campaign Finance.”If it follows it past practice, BOEE will then issue a written order in which the board can decide to impose a fine for the Committee’s violations of campaign finance laws and also refer the matter to the US Attorney for the District of Columbia for criminal prosecution.”

    In Other News:

    • WAMU notes opposition to Wal-Mart.
    • Maybe Kwame Brown isn’t ready to laugh off “fully loaded” after all.
    • Metro board waits for Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell to fill empty seat.
    • Two sexual assaults reported at D.C. Summer Youth Employment Program.
    • Love in an elevator at DCPS.
    • Racial disparity in care for D.C. stroke patient due to bias.
    • D.C. cops hate fun and seize over 2,700 fireworks in two busts on Sunday.
    • Harry Jaffe: Why aren’t councilmembers holding hearings in the summer and Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry needs to update his website.
    • Jonetta: Councilmember David Catania stands up for the average Joe by stepping to CFO Nat Gandhi.
    • DCPS teacher evals in court.

    Congratulations to Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans’ spox, Andrew Huff. Well, mostly congratulations to Huff’s wife, Maya, who gave birth to their son Fletcher yesterday. Say goodbye to sleep, suckas!

    Gray sked: Desk work and staff meetings all day, then Washington Kastles opening night at Kastles Stadium.

    Council sked: Nada.