Ward 8’s Larry Pretlow, who is considering a run against Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry in next year’s election, has a new song out.

Pretlow, who nom de rap is LaPret, writes colleague Rend Smith asking for help in setting the record straight and drawing “the line between LaPret, the rapper and Larry T. Pretlow II, the political candidate.”

“Two separate careers, two separate personas,” says Pretlow.

Pretlow was briefly in the news after his opponent in last year’s ANC race called him a racial slur. More recently he says he’s joined the effort to recall Mayor Vince Gray.

Here’s the song, called “Only 1,” which Pretlow describes as “an R&B/Rap record that declares my attraction to— and love for—a beautiful woman and my desire to be her only man and lover.”