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In yesterday’s big A1 Washington Post story on possible shenanigans over cash donations given to Mayor Vince Gray’s campaign last year, there’s a bit where D.C. Professional Taxicab Drivers Association President Nathan Price recalls a fundraiser for Gray at which a bucket was passed around and cab drivers gave $1,500 worth of money.

But the mayor has a different memory, the Post reported. “Gray recalled the event as a meet-and-greet at which he spoke and answered drivers’ questions, but he said he did not remember the cash solicitation.”

LL caught up with Price for reaction to the discrepancy between his version of events and the mayor’s. “It’s typical,” says Price, who feels like Gray has ignored his supporters in the cab industry since becoming mayor.

According to Price, the event wasn’t a mere meet-and-greet, but clearly a fundraiser. Why? Because the cabdrivers presented Gray with a giant check, like literally a six-foot-long check, for $15,000, Price says. “It was a big check they’d gotten from Staples.”

Next up, Price says Gray’s not being truthful when he says he doesn’t remember the bucket o’ cash being passed around.

“He was five feet to my right,” says Price, when the cash started flowing.

Price is currently trying to track down a picture of the big check, and LL will post it if Price finds it.


Stephen Glaude, who worked on the campaign and is currently the director of the mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, told LL that he was at fundraiser and, like Price, was standing close to the mayor but “never saw any buckets of cash.”