Jauhar Abraham, the other co-founder of the anti-youth violence group Peacoholics, says he plans on running against Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry in next year’s election.

Abraham, the Art Garfunkel to Peacoholics’ more charismatic co-founder Ron Moten, praised Barry’s good deeds as mayor, but says he’s lost touch with his ward, long the city’s poorest, and needs to go.

Asked if he was inspired to run for office because of Moten’s soon-to-be-official candidacy in Ward 7, Abraham says “No, I was inspired by God.” Abraham added that the Lord woke him up one recent night and gave him an ultimatum: Run against Barry, or get out of the way.

Abraham says he’s not deterred by Barry’s wild popularity in Ward 8, saying there are plenty of previously untapped, younger voters who can sway the election his way. Abraham also says that he thrives on pressure, saying that if he was playing basketball, and time was running out, and he had the option of passing the ball to Michael Jordan or taking the final shot himself, he’d take the shot.

Abraham says he will resign from Peacoholics in mid-August and officially launch his campaign next month. Barry’s voicemail was full when LL tried to call him for reaction to the challenge.