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The story of Mayor Vince Gray‘s decision to pocket veto the council’s plans to delay implementation of a tax on interest earned on out-of-the-District municipal bonds continues to roll on.

Today the business community, or at least the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Washington Board of Trade, and the Federal City Council, issued a statement condemning the move. The tone of the release suggests Hizzoner has pissed people off not so much by what he did, but by how he did it.

“This veto by the Mayor came as a shock to the business community,” said Barbara Lang, CEO of the chamber. “We did not see this coming and it is a move we disagree with 100 percent.”

Lang’s been a big backer of Gray, and is widely considered to be part of his mythical inner circle. (She even went to Gray confidante Lorraine Green‘s council testimony over l’affaire Sulaimon to offer moral support.) So why the mayor didn’t give her, or any of his council friends a heads up is still the big mystery.

And…The Post has a story up saying that Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown says there’s no way in hell he’s going to accept a income tax increase on the wealthy instead of the bond tax. “Instead of a tax increase, Brown said he will probably push to establish a commission to explore potential cuts and savings to the city’s budget,” reports the Post. Note: Gray has already brought in former OCTO boss Suzanne Peck to do the same thing.