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  • Biz Community Mad at Gray
  • Good morning sweet readers! LL’s bean is so close to learning to crawl. Watching him learn is probably the most suspenseful thing LL’s ever seen: first crawl or faceplant? So far it’s been all faceplant. News time:

    Summer Jobs Success: The District’s summer jobs program is winding down after a mostly drama-free run. That’s no small feat, considering all the bad press the program’s gotten in years past. The Post reports that the program may cost about $250 extra per person this year and highlights some of the problems the program’s had, likes allegations of sexual assault. But overall, score this one a much-needed victory for Mayor Vince Gray. “The goal was to do a well-run program, and this has been a well-run program, with not a lot of glitches or problems,” says Hizzoner.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Lobbyist or Lawyer; Informer wants HTJ to resign; Brown v. Gray …

    Lobbyist Lawyers: The Post‘s Mike DeBonis zeros in on the problem, or more diplomatically, the potential for problems, of having a “familiar fraternity” of highly connected lobbyists also represent councilmembers in their legal and ethics issues.  “You don’t have to be an ethics maven to see the potential for at least the appearance of malfeasance in allowing lobbyists to render services to the politicians they lobby,” says DeBonis, who notes that lobbyist and beloved group home leader David Wilmot recently represented Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander before the Office of Campaign Finance. And we all know that Fred Cooke Jr. is representing both Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown and Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., both of whom are being probed by the feds. Wilmot and Cooke both told DeBonis that they are bound by rules of professional conduct to avoid conflict of interests and they adhere to those rules. For more Cooke and Wilmot reading, see this 1995 City Paper story. My, how things change…

    Informer Says HTJ Should Go: “[Councilmember] Thomas was elected by voters who trusted him to lead ethically. That trust has been lost. His resignation would be welcomed,” so says a Washington Informer editorial.

    Brown v. Gray: Chairman Brown had some harsh words for the mayor yesterday, telling the Post there’s no way he’s going to go along with the mayor’s newish proposal to raise income taxes on the wealthy. Per the Post: “‘Quite frankly, he does not run the fiscal matters of the city, the legislature has a voice,’ Brown said. ‘For them to say at the last minute, ‘Oh, $13 million is going to cripple our bond rating,’ is unacceptable and not true. If this city has a problem, it’s overspending and not dealing with its fiscal problems.'” The business community said pretty much the exact same thing.
    In Other News: 

    • “Without impact studies or a budget, the carving out of UDC-CC from the four-year program is akin to cutting the baby out of the mother’s uterus prematurely, endangering the life of mother and child,” writes the head of the UDC writing program.
    • Test scores show momentum for charters.
    • Three councilmembers think Sibley Hospital discriminated against a married lesbian couple.
    • Safe surrender offered for those with outstanding D.C. bench warrants.
    • Metro board will not appeal union wage increase.
    • Jaffe: MPD disdains street cops.

    Gray sked: Summer jobs closing ceremony remarks at 10 and 10:25; Unity Health Care site tour at 11; Summer jobs close out part at DOES at 6 p.m.

    Council sked: Recess.